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Kansas Star Casino working on reception

WICHITA — Visitors to the Kansas Star Casino have found it frustrating that their cell phones often don’t work while they’re there, but the casino is working to fix that.

While some casinos do scramble signals on purpose to prevent cheating, that’s not the case at the Kansas Star, says public relations manager Megan Strader.

“Two years ago, this was a field,” she says of the casino’s Mulvane site. “There isn’t an abundance of cell phone towers in this area.”

Even outdoors on the grounds of the casino, it can be tough to get a signal.

In addition, Strader says the casino’s building has “an immense amount of steel” for signals to penetrate.

She says the casino is looking at ways around the issue.

“It’s something we do want to work on,” she says.

“Trust me, it drives us crazy, too.”

Cowley College moves its west-side enrollment and advisement center

WICHITA — Cowley College is moving its west-side enrollment and advisement center.

“We’re actually temporarily nowhere,” says Tony Crouch, executive vice president of business services.

The college has left its 3,000 square feet near 21st and Tyler and is moving into 2,000 square feet on the southwest corner of 13th and Tyler near Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria.

“We’ll be doing all the same things,” Crouch says.

The college also is in the process of renovating the former post office in Mulvane at 410 E. Main St. for classroom space. The remodeled 6,000 square feet will be ready in August.

Sweetie’s Gourmet Coffee & Candies to open in Mulvane on Wednesday

UPDATED — Mulvane residents are also getting a new option for coffee.

Donna and Terry Mathis are opening Sweetie’s Gourmet Coffee & Candies on Thursday or Friday at 222 N. Second Ave.

“We were just going to do a little candy store,” Donna Mathis says.

Then they began researching candy shops and toured the Ghiradelli plant in San Diego.

“The more we researched, the more it grew.”

They decided to serve breakfast and lunch daily with dishes such as quiche bites, biscuits and gravy, bierocks and specialty sandwiches.

In addition to serving coffee, lattes and espresso, they’ll also sell coffee by the bag and whole bean or ground coffee by the pound.

Terry Mathis works at PrairieFire Coffee Roasters, and Donna Mathis used to as well. She admits coffee is something of an obession for them.

“Just a tad bit, yeah.”

Mathis says she and her husband have always wanted their own place.

“We’ve been working on this for five years,” she says. “It’s actually an answer to prayers.”