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You don’t say

“My goal this year is over 2 million mints.”

Warren TheatresBill Warren, who says last year he gave away 1,631,500 mints (at a cost of almost $69,000) after shows

Former Armstrong Shank executive creates ‘Cowboys’ to show life in the Flint Hills

flint2WICHITA — Since leaving the Wichita advertising community for retirement in the Flint Hills four years ago, a lot of Ed Shank’s behavior has been pretty typical of retirees.

The former co-owner of Armstrong/Shank, which today is Armstrong Chamberlin Strategic Marketing, is an avid birder who is learning to garden vegetables and flowers. He takes long hikes with his Irish terrier, Lili, through big ranch country. Generally, Shank spends time enjoying his surroundings at his home 60 feet above the west fork of the Little Falls River, complete with a dam and waterfall below his house and prairie vistas and hardwood forest trees for his and his wife’s viewing pleasure.

“It’s just a truly wonderful place, and most people in Kansas have no idea … how spectacularly beautiful it is,” Shank says.

That’s why he’s also having what you might call a working retirement. He’s written a book called “Prairie Sparrow” and, while waiting to publish it, is now writing another. Shank also has proof he’s been working in the form of a movie he’s made called “Cowboys.”

“Part of doing the movie was a way of informing people of how beautiful it is and that it’s worth preserving,” Shank says of the Flint Hills.

He says he spent a lot of time watching his neighbors move cattle, and “I just finally became curious enough that I wanted to get on their ranches and film them.”

Shank says prairie is one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. He says some people see it strictly for what it can produce, though.

“If it doesn’t generate income, then it doesn’t have any value to them.”

His view is “the beauty itself is enough to justify leaving it alone.”

Or have ranchers work it.

“Thanks to them, we still have a tallgrass prairie,” Shank says.

He chose to spotlight the Perrier family and their Dalebanks Angus Ranch in Greenwood County, though Shank interviews other ranchers in the area as well. Part of the reason he says he selected the Perriers is that they work their cattle by horseback.

“Very few people anymore work cattle by horseback,” Shank says.

Shank says part of the reason he made the film is “in recognition of the intelligence and hard work of my neighbors.”

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Warren Theatres in Wichita may benefit from Broken Arrow theater upgrades

Check out Bill Warren’s picks for this year’s Oscars.


WICHITA — Broken Arrow may be the future home of Bill Warren’s latest theater, but whatever new features are popular in the more than $40 million complex may eventually be added to his Warren Theatres here.

“If some of the ideas work like we think, yeah,” Warren says.

He compares each of his new theaters to a new Mercedes Benz.

“You still know it’s a Mercedes. It still has the same look, but there are all these improvements,” Warren says. “You always try to keep up. You always try to be innovative.”

He won’t share what those innovations are yet, though.

“No, because we’re actually working on some patents.”

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You don’t say

“It was a nice little theater, but in this day and age, a couple of screens just doesn’t work.”

– Theater owner Bill Warren, responding to a customer’s request to save the city’s first multiple-screen cinema, which is about to be demolished at Twin Lakes

Bill Warren says his theaters are safe even if his driving isn’t

WICHITA — Bill Warren says his Warren Theatres are safe, and he doesn’t see a time when he’d ever institute metal detectors or similar measures.

“No, not really,” he says. “I could see that in high crime areas.”

Warren says he knows the owners of the Cobb Theatres chain, which owns the Florida theater where the most recent shooting occurred.

“I think what happened there was a fluke,” he says. “Obviously, someone just snapped.”

Warren says there are already many obvious security measures he takes at his theaters along with a lot of measures people don’t necessarily see.

“I’m very comfortable with the security that we have with the theaters,” he says. “To be honest with you, most theaters, you’ll never see stuff like that.”

Warren says he expected a reporter’s inquiry to be about a different criminal issue.

“I thought you were calling about the speeding ticket I got last night,” he says.

Warren was on East 13th Street not far from his east-side theater when he was stopped for doing 51 miles per hour in a zone marked 40 miles per hour.

The policeman asked Warren why he was speeding.

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You don’t say

“No one has been able to copy her style. This is just another testament to that.”

Billie Ayers of Dessin Fournir, the Plainville design company that acquired vintage designer Rose Cumming’s company in 2005 and licensed her banana leaf pattern on wallpaper for use in the Black Eyed Pea’s video “I Gotta Feeling” and now on curtains in the new Disney movie “Saving Mr. Banks

Justin McClure Creative provides ideas for new film version of ‘Carrie’

WICHITA — Wichita is a long way from Hollywood, but Justin McClure has now worked on his second movie.

“I was thrilled for the opportunity,” McClure says of doing concept work for the new release of the supernatural horror film “Carrie.”

“We knew it was a big production,” he says of himself and others at Justin McClure Creative.

McClure says he was contacted by Los Angeles-based mOcean, a creative agency, to do the work.

“They were looking for ideas outside of what they had already created for the project,” he says. “We were kind of that first step in the development of a look.”

That was a year ago.

“We had to go back and do a lot of research,” McClure says. “I had seen the (original) movie, but it had been years ago.”

McClure says he created concepts and ideas that could be used in promotional material and in the opening of the movie.

“They’re brought to life in a kind of illustrative way,” he says.

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You don’t say

“I’m kind of amused by it.”

– Movie mogul Bill Warren, whose Moore, Okla., theater is getting some free publicity in a TV ad trying to lure Boeing workers to the city

Warren Theatre staff wishes Marvin Autry hadn’t wished everyone a happy holiday

WICHITA — Who is Marvin Autry, and why did he wish Warren Theatre East moviegoers happy Thanksgiving?

That’s what some Warren visitors wondered when they saw, “Marvin Autry says happy Thanksgiving,” on the theater’s marquee last week.

The marquee is the latest in a little joke between theater owner Bill Warren and Autry, who owns Midwest Corporate Aviation.

A couple of years back, Warren lost “some stupid bet” to Autry. Warren claims he can’t remember what it was for, but he had to give Autry his own parking space at the theater, complete with his name on it.

“People over the years have asked about the parking spot,” Warren says.

Then, when Warren named parking lot poles after movie stars to help people remember where they parked, he named one for Autry.

“And so he started getting phone calls and texts and e-mails asking what’s going on,” Warren says. “We told people it’s Gene Autry’s younger brother.”

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Glitch sends texts about nearby escorts to Warren Theatre security

WICHITA – Warren Theatres owner Bill Warren is pleased with the latest security measure he’s taken at his theaters except for one small glitch.

Warren instituted new measures at his theaters in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri following the theater shootings in Aurora, Colo., this summer.

“We had good security, but we just looked it over after Aurora and said, ‘Is there anything we can improve?’

“You do things to make it a lot tougher,” Warren says. “I mean, I spent $100,000 doing this.”

The new system is a custom-designed system on all exit doors that immediately sends texts to the phones of Warren managers and security personnel when the doors are opened.

“So they always know what’s going on in theaters for safety reasons,” Warren says.

He says it’s working well except for at the Palace West theater near Kellogg and Ridge.

“We’re getting texts from escort services,” Warren says. “Can you believe that?”

He says the texts have messages such as “Bubbles is in room number five.”

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