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Wichita physician to be featured on Discovery Channel’s “Monsters Inside Me”

WICHITA — Halloween may be over, but there are still monsters lurking about, though these ones generally are invisible.

Animal Planet’sMonsters Inside Me” examines bizarre medical cases. Monday’s episode features a patient who was treated by Wichita physician Keck Hartman.

“It’s kind of like a medical mystery thing,” Hartman says of the show, which often features cases with “a high yuck factor.”

“They’ve profiled some pretty interesting cases from a medical standpoint.”

A couple of years ago, Hartman, who is an infectious disease specialist, treated someone who had hantavirus. That’s a virus carried by mice and transmitted through their feces. Hartman says it’s scary because of how fast it can make someone seriously sick.

“It’s a very unusual infection to acquire in this part of the country,” Hartman says.

The virus can be deadly.

“As I’m sure the program will reveal, the patient survived and recovered,” Hartman says.

“I just helped manage the case,” he says. Hartman gives credit for the diagnosis to Wichita nephrologist Howard Day.

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Rock Ridge Family Medicine to open in new Bel Aire building this spring

WICHITA — Growing up, as Timothy Wolff planned a career in medicine, he thought about the business side, too.

Later this week, his plans finally will be realized when he breaks ground on a new home for his Rock Ridge Family Medicine at the northeast corner of 53rd and Rock Road in Bel Aire.

“This has kind of been a dream of mine ever since I was in high school,” he says. “Something that I can call my own.”

Wolff is a doctor of osteopathic medicine and currently is at 9050 E. 29th St. North, where he’s been for six of the 16 years he’s been in practice.

As a native of rural Nebraska, Wolff says he’s always liked the idea of the small doctor’s office on the corner.

“The mom-and-pop-type practice is kind of what I’ve always wanted to do,” he says. He thinks a doctor’s office “should be someplace where somebody can walk in and know who they’re seeing. They don’t have to worry if they’re going to have to retell their story over and over again.”

Wolff achieved that by opening his own place, but owning the building takes him to the next level, he says.

“That concreteness of having something there when it’s all said and done is enticing.”

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Construction to begin at Cornerstone Office Park with medical office to be built first

WICHITA — Construction is set to begin shortly at the new Cornerstone Office Park at the 520-acre Cornerstone development in Andover.

There will be room for 150,000 square feet of office space at nine buildings, the first of which will be a new medical building.

“With the success of the hospital, it’s just a natural fit to have medical practices wanting to locate at Cornerstone,” says developer George Laham. “Obviously, we have a lot of interest right now from … medical groups that want to be located in the area.”

Laham Development and Ritchie Development are the developers of Cornerstone, which is north of 21st Street between 159th Street East and Andover Road.

The 18,000-square-foot medical building will be adjacent to the Kansas Medical Center. KMC CEO Badr Idbeis will be one of the physicians to use the new space.

The two-level building will have the same architectural design as the hospital.

There will be a reception area, exam rooms and offices for physicians. One feature of the building is a clerestory that will allow natural light inside.

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Cypress Heart to leave Kansas Medical Center for Heartland Cardiology

UPDATED — Cypress Heart, which has been with the Kansas Medical Center for a year and a half, is merging with Heartland Cardiology in April.

“That will make us the largest cardiology group in Wichita,” says Heartland administrator Jane Robinson. “We’re excited about that.”

The groups have considered merging in the past.

“We have a lot of things that we have mutually done together in the past,” says Roger Evans, a Cypress physician.

Heartland, which has eight physicians, has a main office at 551 N. Hillside. It also is on the west side at 8710 W. 13th.

Cypress Heart, which has six physicians, is at 9300 E. 29th St. North, which is where will it remain. At least three of its physicians are joining Heartland, two may stay with the Kansas Medical Center and one may leave Wichita.

“Part of the reason, really, we did this was to be ready for the new changes in health care,” says Heartland physician Assem Farhat. “That was also a driving force to try to provide more comprehensive and better services and more efficient … patient-centered care.”

Evans says it makes more sense for Cypress physicians to be affiliated with other physicians instead of a hospital, such as the Kansas Medical Center.

“It hasn’t worked out as well as we hoped,” he says.

“It’s just a vision for how to expand and grow the practice,” he says. “Hospitals, their primary goal is to have people in the hospitals. … Their vision was more along the lines of how to make the hospital grow best.”

Cypress physician Hussam Farhoud says the practice now will be entirely controlled by cardiologists.

“It will be more efficient,” he says. “We’ll have (more) physician input in the practice.”

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Towne West Medical Plaza coming to Towne West Square for nontraditional use

Michael Payton (from left), Jeff Englert and Grant Glasgow are trying to market a new Towne West Medical Plaza for a nontraditional approach to filling the mall.

WICHITA — Area mall manager Michael Payton is using a new saying to describe Simon Property Group malls such as Towne East Square and Towne West Square.

“The malls are starting to become the ‘alls.’”

He means the malls offer more than retail and restaurant options these days.

“We’re starting to see more and more nontraditional users work their way into the mall environment.”

The latest foray into a nontraditional use will be the new Towne West Medical Plaza, a potentially 50,000-square-foot area that could be home to a variety of medical users.

“Basically kind of a one-stop shop for different medical needs,” says Jeff Englert of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group.

Englert and colleague Grant Glasgow are marketing the property, which will be on the west side of the mall between Sears and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

“This is something they’ve tried in other markets,” Glasgow says of Simon.

“You have a built-in customer base within Towne West mall.”

Glasgow says the mall has 6 million visitors annually.

Payton says the medical location will be convenient for patients, who also could be shoppers.

“They can do some shopping. They can eat.”

Glasgow says to see why this idea makes sense, look at the number of medical providers in the southwest Wichita area.

“It is by far the fewest in Wichita,” he says.

Englert says that area has only 1 percent of all medical offices in the city.

“Obviously, there’s a clear void,” he says. “That’s another reason why we thought this would be a good use of space.”

In addition to being convenient for patients, Glasgow says a medical plaza at the mall makes sense for doctors and dentists, too.

“This allows medical users to cluster,” he says. “They like to all be together.”

On-site management is another plus, he says.

“There are benefits like 24-7 security.”

The area likely will develop in phases.

“It will not cut off through the rest of the mall,” Englert says of access to shopping through that entrance.

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Willowbend Animal Hospital to open on the east side in August

Michael Johnson and his dogs, Marty and Mabel.

WICHITA — Veterinarian Michael Johnson, who has practiced in the Wichita area for 17 years, is opening his own animal hospital next month.

Willowbend Animal Hospital will open Aug. 8 at 7606 E. 37th St. North, which is between Rock Road and Woodlawn.

“I just wanted a facility that I could provide the services that I want to for my clients and my pets,” Johnson says. “Specifically, I’m very passionate about managing chronic pain with pets.”

Johnson says pet owners often are unaware their pets are in pain.

“They expect the pet to act like we do when they’re in pain, and that’s not how they act,” he says.

For instance, he says, dogs are pack animals who wouldn’t want to show pain to others.

“They’d be hiding it if they could.”

Johnson says cats go into seclusion, which may be difficult to differentiate from their regular behavior.

Some issues, he says, owners may chalk up to the aging process, when actually their animals are in pain.

“I just believe that our pets can not speak for themselves,” Johnson says. “They suffer quietly for years with undiagnosed and untreated pain, and they never enjoy life as fully as they could.”

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MDS of Kansas more than doubles its space with purchase of Hillside building

WICHITA — MDS of Kansas has purchased Wink Hartman Sr.’s former building at 201 S. Hillside and moved its offices there from Clifton Square.

“I really had my eye set on this building for a while,” CEO Donella Aubuchon says.

The 22-year-old MDS used to be known as Medical Documentation Solutions. The name changed last year as the company started doing more document services outside of the medical field. MDS still specializes in medical clients, though, which is why Hillside is attractive to Aubuchon.

“It’s still pretty medical-oriented over here, and it’s a busy street.”

MDS is taking 3,000 square feet in the building, which is more than double what it used to have.

That leaves as much as 5,500 square feet to lease. J.P. Weigand & Sons is helping MDS find a tenant.

In addition to expanding beyond medical clients, the work MDS does within the medical field is changing as well due to electronic records.

“It’s rearing its beautiful head,” Aubuchon says. “I don’t say ‘ugly’ anymore. It used to scare us. It’s where the industry is going, and it’s opened up a lot of opportunities.”

The company is offering new services, such as importing dictation into the medical record.

“We’re able to interface the dictation into the electronic record,” Aubuchon says.

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Healthy Eyes for Life to move on west side

WICHITA — Optometrist Ronald Fiegel is moving his Healthy Eyes For Life, but not far.

Currently, he’s near the northeast corner of 21st and Ridge behind Emprise Bank.

“I’m going to a little better visibility,” Fiegel says of his new space.

He’s moving to 3460 N. Ridge, which used to informally be known as the Hearth and Home Center when the Hearth and Home store was there.

“The space is completely empty, which will make the construction go a little faster,” Fiegel says.

Depending on city approval, he expects the new space to be ready in early August.

Tony Utter of Utter Commercial Real Estate and Dan Unruh of InSite Real Estate Group handled the deal.

Fiegel, who opened his business in 1980, expects this to be his last move.

“Oh, yeah,” he says.

Then he rethinks it and laughs.

“Where I’m at was going to be the last move.”

Wesley Medical Center has a mysterious tweet about Obama

WICHITA — There was a rather unusual tweet from Wesley Medical Center’s Twitter account Wednesday evening.

Sandwiched between tweets about OB/GYNs and medical newsletters was this tweet:

“@seanhannity Go to Belinda Petitte Facebook. SO SICK OF OBAMA”

The tweet remained on Wesley’s Twitter account most of Thursday. When Have You Heard? contacted Wesley spokesman Paul Petitte about it, he had several immediate responses.

He said he couldn’t see the tweet. Then he said that perhaps his wife somehow did it. Finally, he wondered why it might be news.

After seeing a screen shot of the tweet supplied by Have You Heard?, Petitte replied via e-mail.

“Thanks for alerting us to this Tweet. We are uncertain how this statement arrived on the Twitter account. Whoever hacked in has since deleted it. We since followed protocol and changed our passwords to prevent further unauthorized statements.”

InMotion Spine – Muscle – Joint Clinic to open at Hampton Lakes

WICHITA — New chiropractors Meryl Miller and Jared Shoemaker are opening their first practice in Hampton Lakes at 37th and Maize this summer.

“We just decided we wanted to stay in Kansas,” says Miller, who graduated from the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Overland Park in December. Shoemaker graduates next month.

The practice, InMotion Spine – Muscle – Joint Clinic, will be in 1,750 square feet and should open in June.

“We just want to get started and get a year under our belt and see what happens,” Miller says.

She and Shoemaker wanted to work in a small town near a big city, and they decided Maize would work.

“We didn’t want to be too far out,” Miller says. Also, she says, “We just like that it was a newer area. . . . We always see people out being active.”

Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate and Curt Robertson of InSite Real Estate Group handled the deal.

Miller says she and Shoemaker plan to bring “a different model of care to everyone.”

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