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Harry is out, St. Joseph is in at Via Christi

WICHITA — CEOs often have to be the bearer of bad news, but Jeff Korsmo had an especially good time announcing a change at Via Christi Health this week.

The president and CEO personally went to see the sisters at the Congregation of St. Joseph, one of Via Christi’s founding congregations, to announce a name change that is making a lot of people happy.

“It was time to do a relook at the brand,” Korsmo says.

Several years ago, each of Via Christi’s three hospitals were renamed for the streets they are on. The names for Via Christi Hospital on St. Francis and Via Christi Hospital on St. Teresa didn’t change much, but the hospital that traditionally was known as St. Joseph became Via Christi Hospital on Harry.

It will now be known as Via Christi Hospital St. Joseph. The others will be Via Christi Hospital St. Francis and Via Christi Hospital St. Teresa.

“This change was really there to reflect the founding congregation’s name and heritage in the name of the hospital,” Korsmo says.

“It was a very joyful celebration,” he says of getting to share the news.

Korsmo says one sister said, “I didn’t know if I would live long enough to see this day.”

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Sullivan, Higdon & Sink lands Sonic account

WICHITA — “Route 44s for everyone!”

That’s how one Sullivan, Higdon & Sink employee heralded the news on Facebook that the agency landed Sonic as a client.

“It’s a great start for the new year,” says Lathi de Silva, vice president and director of brand reputation.

The agency’s Kansas City office will handle what’s called below-the-line communications for the chain’s 3,500 drive-ins nationwide. That includes in-store communications and any communications on Sonic lots. It also includes menu boards and any localized marketing for specific stores.

“We’re really building … what we call our food value chain practice,” de Silva says.

She says the agency serves clients from farm to fork on the food chain, such as Cargill and Borden Cheese.

“It’s just good for everybody to have these kinds of brands in our backyard,” says Sam Williams, SHS managing partner.

Though most of the work will be done in Kansas City, he says the Wichita office will offer support.

“Every time you win a national brand, it’s just huge when you’re a small, independent agency,” Williams says. “The thrill of winning never changes no matter how many times you’ve done it.”

He says the agency’s food connection goes back to the days it did print work for Pizza Hut when it was headquartered in Wichita.

“A farm-to-table strategy is very much in our DNA,” Williams says. “It’s been part of what we like to do for a long time.”

You don’t say

“Oh, tell me about it … ”

Sullivan Higdon & Sink cofounder Al Higdon’s joking response to comments about so many women being finalists for the 2012 Marketer of the Year Award and dominating the marketing community at large

Wichita Aero Club to unveil new Air Capital of the World campaign and logo

The new Greteman Group-designed Air Capital of the World logo.

WICHITA — Wichitans still call their home the Air Capital of the World, but the Wichita Aero Club wants to make sure others call it that, too.

“There’s other cities taking a little bit of a run (at it) if you will,” says Dave Franson, Aero Club executive director.

He says there are five main aviation clusters in the world: Wichita, Seattle, Montreal, Dallas and Toulouse, France.

“We continue to hold fast to the claim that we are the Air Capital of the World,” Franson says.

So the club and KPTS, Channel 8, are unveiling a new “reclaim the name” campaign and logo tonight during the premiere of the second season of PBS’ “The Aviators” at the National Center for Aviation Training.

“We just decided, hey, nowhere else has built anywhere close to the number of airplanes we’ve built here,” Franson says. There are “over 280,000 airplanes that have been built in Wichita, Kansas, since we started building them.”

He says the new Greteman Group-designed logo is an updated version of the original Air Capital of the World logo the Wichita chamber first unveiled in 1928 following a contest.

The 1928 Air Capital of the World logo.

“We’re kind of jumping the gun a little bit,” Franson says. “We’re going to (reprise) this same act at NBAA.”

The National Business Aviation Association annual meeting is next month, and Franson says there will be a new tagline to go with the new logo.

So what does he want to tell the world then?

“Wichita has been the Air Capital of the World since at least 1928 when we first took the title . . . and we’re not giving it up anytime soon.”

Wichita design community resoundingly rejects new Century II logo

centuryWICHITA — They’re calling it Wichita’s own version of the Gap debacle.

Along with unveiling almost $1 million in renovations at Century II late last week, the city debuted the center’s new logo.

The Wichita design community is not impressed.

“It made the rounds pretty immediately,” says Jarrett Green of Blink Interactive. “There was just a collective sort of, what is this?”

Among the comments is that it looks like: something a child drew, a part of the female anatomy, the top of a wok, the top of a grill and a briefcase in motion.

“I like it,” says John D’Angelo, the city’s arts and cultural services manager. “I think it’s nice. You know, it helps update the image.”

He says the logo will brand Century II as a performing arts center.

D’Angelo says he doesn’t mind the critical comments.

“We’ll take both criticism and compliments and review them. Absolutely. We’re always interested.”

The city paid $1,150 to Catherine Lewis of Exchange Design, who does a lot of work for the city’s division of arts and cultural services, to create the logo under its direction.

Not everyone with the city agreed with the direction, though.

“From a pragmatic point of view, I struggle a little bit — being in the business — with a logo design of that nature,” says City Council member Jeff Longwell, who has been in the graphics business for 30 years.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder here,” Longwell says. “Some people may just absolutely fall in love with the design. There’s elements of the design I kind of like.”

There are other parts he finds less appealing, and Longwell is concerned about reproduction issues.

He says the brush stroke that has a paint brush effect is hard to reproduce on, say, a shirt. He says there would be other screen printing reproduction issues as well.

Longwell plans to share his concerns with others at City Hall this week.

Several design experts have very specific concerns about the logo.

“For a premier center . . . the logo doesn’t work well in terms of clarity nor will it reproduce very well in other applications,” says Ann Willoughby of Willoughby Design in Kansas City.

“There are a lot of practical reasons it doesn’t work. For example, I don’t think it would work well as a sign, number one. I don’t think it’s going to reverse out.”

She means it won’t look good for times when it needs to be presented with a dark background.

Also, she says, the graphic isn’t in the right proportion to the letters.

“It will not function well as a logo for all the applications that you’ll need it for.”

There are broader issues as well, designers say.

“Century II is an iconic structure, and it really deserves something bold and elegant, and we just did not achieve that,” says Sonia Greteman of Greteman Group.

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Momentum Marketing & Design to move, change names

WICHITA — Momentum Marketing & Design is all about creating momentum for small businesses, and now it’s creating some of its own.

President Tanya Aziz is moving the company from Delano to part of the former Hartman Oil building at 13th Street and 127th Street East.

“We’ve really just outgrown the space that we’re in,” she says of the four-person, 5-year-old company.

With the move, Aziz is changing the name of the company to Momentum Marketing Solutions.

“That’s what we provide — small business marketing solutions,” she says. “We do a lot more than just graphic design.

“We kind of act like a marketing department for a small business.”

Aziz’s business partner, Julie Niemann, is leaving the company because she’s having a baby this fall.

“It seems like a natural transition time,” Aziz says of making the other changes.

She recently hired a bookkeeper and has plans to hire another graphic designer and a project manager.

Niemann will continue to freelance for the company after she leaves.

Currently, Momentum is in an open 720-square-foot space at 1725 W. Douglas.

Aziz says she’ll take two offices within the former Hartman building, and she likes that she’ll have a reception area and a conference room available as well.

You don’t say

“Every employee is a member of your marketing department.”

– National marketer John Moore, speaking at the Wichita American Marketing Association annual awards luncheon Thursday, on why it’s crucial to treat your employees well

SMG hires Bothner and Bradley as Intrust Bank Arena consultants

WICHITA — SMG has hired Bothner and Bradley as consultants at Intrust Bank Arena.

“We’re sort of shifting gears,” says Gary Desjardins, regional general manager for SMG, a private company that runs the arena under a contract with Sedgwick County.

“We’re in between GMs, so part of it is just a process of getting feedback from our different constituencies.”

General manager Chris Presson abruptly resigned two weeks ago, citing personal reasons.

Desjardins says he plans to have Bothner and Bradley collect information to share with a new general manager.

“With our clients, they get an opportunity to talk so far about their experience,” Desjardins says.

“For every aspect of what we do in managing the building . . . there’s always room for improvement,” he says. “There’s never a perfect event.”

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