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Taylor RyMar Corp. moves from Orpheum Centre to Market Centre downtown

WICHITA — Taylor RyMar Corp. has moved, but not far.

The Tempe, Ariz.-based firm, which does engineering consulting for the construction industry, has been at the Orpheum Centre at First and Broadway since its arrival in Wichita in 2007.

“We needed to consolidate space,” says principal owner Joel DeHaven.

Except his real estate contacts couldn’t reach the owner of the floor of his building.

“The owner of our floor apparently was in bankruptcy,” DeHaven says.

Real Development bought the building in 2006 and then sold some of the floors.

“We like being downtown,” DeHaven says. “We wanted to stay in that same area.”

The company, which specializes in electrical engineering out of the Wichita office, moved to about 1,200 square feet at the Market Centre at First and Market streets this week.

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Glaves Irby and Rhoads law firm to move to Market Centre at First and Market

WICHITA — The Glaves Irby and Rhoads law firm is taking a short jaunt from its current space at 120 S. Market to new space in Market Centre at First and Market.

“It was just kind of like buying a house to me personally,” says office manager Suzie Furse. “It just felt right.”

The firm is leaving Dennis Wilkie’s building, which is on the market.

“We’re the only ones left,” Furse says of occupying the space.

The firm will move Sept. 15 and have almost 2,600 square feet at Market Centre.

“I call it a one-stop shop,” Furse says.

She likes amenities like UPS and FedEx drop boxes on site.

“To me that was a huge advantage.”

Adam Clements of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group handled the deal.

“We were really pleased with Adam,” Furse says. “He’s quite the guy.”

William/Lawrence & Associates to move to the Market Centre

WICHITA — After more than two decades at the Wichita Executive Centre — under several names and building owners — William/Lawrence & Associates is moving to the nearby Market Centre at First and Market streets.

“They’ve really upgraded the building, and they’re really bending over backwards to make the tenants happy,” William/Lawrence CFO Pam Coons says of Market Centre owners Bob and Judy Abbey.

Adam Clements of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group handled the deal.

William/Lawrence is a Wichita-based management consulting firm, which does recruiting, leadership awareness training and consulting.

It has clients in all but two states.

Coons and her husband, CEO Larry Coons, own the business, which opened downtown almost 30 years ago.

The company will open in the new space June 1.

Pam Coons says the office will have 4,000 square feet, which is about what it has now.

“It will be a great environment,” she says.