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Orscheln Farm & Home to open in Goddard

UPDATED — Orscheln Farm & Home is going to be opening another Wichita-area store, this time in Goddard.

The Missouri-based company’s stores are similar to Atwoods Ranch & Home. Orscheln has stores in Wellington, Newton and El Dorado, among other cities relatively close to Wichita.

The company recently purchased two 1.75-acre lots in Goddard at the northeast corner of U.S. 54 and Main Street.

“They have closed, and they will be building a store there,” says Grant Glasgow of NAI Martens.

Glasgow handled the deal with Carl LaSala of Kansas City’s LaSala-Sonnenberg Commercial Realty and Gene Razook of Andeel & Co. Realtors.

Orscheln expects to start construction in the first half of 2014 when weather permits, and the new store should be open by the fall.

Louie’s Coffee Dive replacement at Williams Ace Hardware is under consideration

WICHITA — Raymond Dondlinger is still contemplating what to do with the space that Louie’s Coffee Dive vacated at his family’s Williams Ace Hardware in Goddard.

The coffee shop lasted less than a year.

Dondlinger says he may take over the space or allow someone else to.

“I don’t have a direction as of yet,” he says. “I really do need to find something that fits that Goddard community the best.”

That could be a business such as a coffee shop, a flower shop or even a barber shop.

Dondlinger says he may find a use for it himself.

“I could see myself going further into the retail market somehow,” he says.

Louie’s Coffee Dive to open in new Williams Ace Hardware in Goddard

WICHITA — A new coffee shop is going to open in the same building where the new Williams Ace Hardware is opening at 199th and U.S. 54 in Goddard next month.

Louie’s Coffee Dive is coming to the space and will have a drive-through as well.

It looks like some of the same people who once were involved in Mike’s Wine Dive and the Gaslamp Grille & Lounge in Wichita are involved in Louie’s as well.

Corey Gonzalez, the former marketing director at Mike’s and the now-closed Gaslamp, is handling a lot of the details on the opening. He didn’t return numerous calls to comment.

It sounds like former Mike’s and Gaslamp owner Whitney VinZant is a partner in this venture as well. He couldn’t be reached for comment, either.

Sources say plans call for this to be the first of a chain of Louie’s Coffee Dives.

The hardware store’s grand opening is April 13 to 15. It’s not clear when Louie’s will open.


Dondlinger and Sons Construction to open Williams Ace Hardware stores in Goddard and Andover

WICHITA — The Dondlinger family may best be known for its construction company, but now it’s expanding its hardware store business, too.

Dondlinger and Sons Construction is opening two Williams Ace Hardware stores in coming months.

The first will have a March 30 grand opening, with a soft opening about a week before, in the former White’s Foodliner building in Goddard.

The family bought the former grocery at 199th and U.S. 54 in November. At the time, Raymond Dondlinger, who is in operations and business development for the construction and hardware companies, told Have You Heard? he wasn’t ready to share plans.

The Dondlingers also are working on a second store in the former Ace Hardware in Andover at 642 N. Andover Road. That store should open about a month after the one in Goddard.

This is in addition to the Williams Ace Hardware the Dondlingers bought at Central and Woodlawn in May.

The business was started by the family’s maternal grandfather, Jim Williams, in 1958 and most recently was owned by his namesake son.

“It’s still a family-owned business,” Raymond Dondlinger says. It’s one he says the family would like to grow.

“We saw … a need out in Goddard,” he says. “Being in Goddard, it will probably be … more agricultural based.”

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Gerrard’s in Goddard to become Marcie’s Cafe

WICHITA — Gerrard’s, a longtime staple in Goddard, is getting a new name and a new look to go along with its new owner.

Tammy Cruse bought the restaurant in June but didn’t want to make quick changes.

“I just wanted to get a feel for it in the community,” she says.

Cruse says the restaurant dates to 1960 when it started under another name as a hamburger stand.

“Then they built another building,” she says. “They just kept adding to it, adding to it, and now we have these huge dining rooms.”

The restaurant, which is at 20201 U.S. 54, seats 200.

Cruse is closing the restaurant Sunday and will reopen Wednesday as Marcie’s Cafe, which she’s named for her late grandmother.

“My grandmother raised me, and she always wanted a restaurant,” Cruse says. “She always let grandpa follow his dreams. She was always just kind of the supporter for him.”

Cruse isn’t sure what her grandmother would think of her new endeavor.

“I’m hoping she would be ecstatic.”

Dondlinger family is buying the former White’s Foodliner building in Goddard

WICHITA — The Dondlinger family is buying the former White’s Foodliner building in Goddard.

The grocery at 199th and U.S. 54 closed earlier this year.

The 22,000-square-foot building was auctioned Tuesday.

“We were the successful bidder,” says Raymond Dondlinger, who is in operations and business development at Dondlinger Construction.

There’s no contract yet, and Dondlinger isn’t disclosing the family’s bid.

He wants to wait until the deal closes before sharing plans for the space.

“I want to make sure everything’s finalized.”

White’s Foodliner had been in the space for 11 years.

In February, when Have You Heard? reported the store would be closing, owner Pat White said: “It’s just tough for independents in this market in this day and age to be there with the big boys moving in closer and closer.”

His four other Foodliners remain open.

Goddard will lose its only grocery store when White’s Foodliner closes this month

WICHITA — Goddard is losing its only grocery store.

White’s Foodliner at 19950 W. Kellogg is closing at the end of the month.

“It’s just tough for independents in this market in this day and age to be there with the big boys moving in closer and closer,” says owner Pat White.

“As the Walmarts and the Dillons move closer that way, it’s just taken   . . . little bites out of us,” he says.

A lot of Goddard residents shop in Wichita, White says, and use his store more like a convenience store for only a few items.

“It’ll probably affect, oh, Garden Plain more than anybody,” White says.

A pharmacist who used to rent space from him left the store a year ago.

“That was another little bite out of us,” White says.

His store has been there 11 years.

White’s other four Foodliners in outlying areas will remain open.

You don’t say

“We’re in a Catch-22 where we’re large enough to be noticed, but still no one’s quite ready to leap.”

– Goddard city administrator Brian Silcott on the difficulty of attracting retailers to the city

Goddard to lose its only hardware store

WICHITA — The only hardware store in Goddard, which is the Goddard Ace Hardware, is closing.

“This is the third recession we’ve been through since we’ve owned the store,” says Mary Carpenter.

She’s owned the business for nine years.

“The businesses were very good about patronizing me,” Carpenter says of places like the schools and city government.

Goddard residents weren’t quite as faithful, she says.

“I think the people who work in town (Wichita) probably shop in town,” Carpenter says.

The store, which is at 19894 W. Kellogg, will close in early May.

Carpenter says the closure has nothing to do with the possibility of Wal-Mart coming to Goddard. As she says, it’s not a definitive deal yet.

“I’ve heard from them, but they keep saying it’s going to be a while yet,” says John Dugan, who owns land Wal-Mart has been eyeing east of Goddard and west of what would be the interchange for a proposed bypass.

Dugan is more than hopeful about Wal-Mart coming, though.

“They say it’s not if, it’s when.”

John Dugan seeks rezoning for one deal and talks with Wal-Mart for another

WICHITA — The planning commission last week voted to recommend city approval for John Dugan to rezone about 50 acres south of Kellogg between 119th and 135th to limited commercial.

“I bought it several years ago to develop,” Dugan says of the property, where there’s also a new frontage road.

He could develop it himself or sell it to someone else.

“We’ve got a couple of things working,” Dugan says. But he also has the property listed with J.P. Weigand & Sons.

“I’ll go any direction,” he says.

“We’re just sitting here like everybody else just ready to do something,” Dugan says. “We think that will be popular when things start happening.”

Dugan also has property in Goddard that Wal-Mart may be interested in.

“We’re talking to them,” he says of land he has east of Goddard and west of what would be the interchange for the proposed bypass.

“They think that’s the new development for commercial,” Dugan says of Wal-Mart. But he adds, “Things have slowed down with them.”