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J.R. Koontz puts his building on the market

koontztwoWICHITA — A couple of days after celebrating his 40th year in business, J.R. Koontz has put his building – not his J.R. Koontz Flowers – up for sale.

“I’m downsizing,” Koontz says.

“It’s been an increasing struggle for us as well as other businesses.”

Koontz bought the 10,000-square-foot building at 633 N. Broadway in 2003. The building was built as a house and eventually became a funeral home.

He says it’s a “fabulous” space but that he wants “to get out from underneath this.”

Koontz adds that he wants “someone to love it as much as we do because it’s a great facility.”

He says after selling the building, he’ll take care of debts and relocate.

“I have an idea where I’d like to go.”

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You don’t say

“Well, I’m going to be around another 40 just to keep paying off debts.”

– J.R. Koontz joking about marking the 40th anniversary of his namesake floral shop

You don’t say

“It gets real existential when you’re just this worn out. All kinds of things go through your mind.”

Beards Floral Design owner Matthew Dover, who pulled a pre-Valentine’s Day all-nighter

Westside Flowers by DeOrsey moving to new space

WICHITA — Westside Flowers by DeOrsey is remaining on the west side but moving east by just a bit.

Tina DeOrsey-McClernon’s shop currently is in about 750 square feet near 29th and Tyler. She’s moving to 1,500 square feet near 21st and Ridge, where Subway and Pho Chopstix are.

“We’re kind of bouncing back and forth right now,” DeOrsey-McClernon says of going between locations.

“The main reason we’re moving is just for the opportunity the extra space will give us,” she says.

In addition to fresh flowers, DeOrsey-McClernon says she has custom silk flowers as well, “which really is my favorite part of it.”

The new space also will allow her to expand her business with fresh floral design classes.

“I’m hoping that they’ll be a big hit.”

Adam Clements of Builders Inc. handled the deal. Builders handles leasing at the center.

The business will have an updated website as of Jan. 20.

DeOrsey-McClernon says she has to get through the Bridal and Event Expo this weekend; she hopes to then open in the new space the following weekend.

Beards Floral Design to move to more visible space near Central and Edgemoor

WICHITA — Four-year-old Beards Floral Design is moving to a new, higher-profile location.

The shop currently is in almost 3,000 square feet near Seneca and Second Street in Delano.

The new space has about 1,000 square feet, plus another 500 square feet for storage, just west of Central and Edgemoor.

“We’ll have so much better visibility out there,” owner Matthew Dover says.

He says his real estate agent, Duane Wehling with J.P. Weigand & Sons, told him 30,000 cars a day pass his new address.

Though his new store will be half the size of his existing one, Dover says he found he didn’t use all of his space in Delano.

“I feel like I operate in less than 1,000,” he says. “It was a lot of space for a good rate. It’s been awesome.”

At the new store, Dover is going to do a few new things.

“We’re going to be offering classes,” he says. They’ll teach how customers can do their own arrangements.

There also will be more flowers by the stem and bunch at wholesale prices and assistance with do-it-yourself weddings.

Dover says he’ll be open by Nov. 1 at the new space and most likely operating there by the end of October.

Brown’s Botanicals moves to Dean’s Designs space

WICHITA — Years after purchasing Brown’s Botanicals at 7722 W. Maple, Brad White is moving the business to his Dean’s Designs at 3555 E. Douglas, which is two blocks east of Hillside.

“What I’m doing is simply consolidating that location, which I currently rent, into my own, which we own,” he says. “It’s just an economics move.

“We can also consolidate some pricing and make it a better deal for our customer.”

At one point, White says he had five different sites, each operating under different names.

“We’ve over the years purchased a number of flower shops that were distressed or people were ready to retire,” White says.

He still operates about a dozen stores, but all from his Hillside address.

Moving Brown’s Botanicals was a natural progression.

“I hate to lose my presence on the west side, but with the amount of delivery vehicles that we have, we can service it no differently than we have in the past,” White says. “Really, nothing’s changing.”

White plans to keep the Brown’s Botanicals name.

“They have a following. There’s no two ways about that.”

Stems downsizes, remodels on East Central

WICHITA — The 6-year-old Stems has streamlined its business by decreasing its square footage from 4,000 square feet to 2,500 square feet at 6370 E. Central near Woodlawn.

“I’m concentrating on my weddings and on my fresh flowers,” owner Cheryl Dixon says. “All my money is in weddings and fresh flowers, and that’s where I want to be focused.”

Dixon previously sold a lot of home decor items.

“I had all kinds of stuff,” she says.

She’ll still have seasonal home decor, candles and chocolate.

There are several interested potential tenants for the space Dixon vacated.

We’ll let you know when there’s a deal.

Dixon says her remodeled space looks great and to come by and check it out.

Moore Flowers to move to Maple and Maize

WICHITA — After more than 60 years in Riverside, Moore Flowers is moving.

Owner Jodi Mitchell is moving the shop west to Maple and Maize. She’ll be in the former Rolling Hills Flowers & Gifts space on the northeast corner.

“It’s been a very difficult decision to make,” says Mitchell, who has worked at Moore Flowers for 25 years and owned it for 10.

She says she’s moving for a few reasons.

“I’ll be closer to home,” Mitchell says.

Also, she says, she sees other businesses moving away from her area near North High School on West 13th Street. The economy in general is playing a part in the move.

“I’m very optimistic,” Mitchell says of how business will be in her new space.

Moore Flowers opened in about 1948. Mitchell believes the original store was across the street from where it is now.

The store is a traditional floral shop, with fresh flowers, plants and some gift items. Mitchell provides flowers for weddings and other events as well.

Her current space is 2,000 square feet. The new space is 1,500 square feet.

Mitchell says nothing else will change but the location, which will open Oct. 1.

“We’re still the same.”