Category Archives: Fitness expands in time for New Year’s resolutions

WICHITA – Shannon Dykman and Kalene Smith are expanding their in time for the crush of new clients that New Year’s resolutions surely will bring.

“Our business has grown rapidly this past year,” Dykman says.

GoTime opened in May 2012 just north of Star Lumber at K-96 and Greenwich.

“We’ve tripled our business in the last year,” Dykman says. “We’ve physically run out of floor space.”

He says the business is about creating lifestyle transformations for clients, and that takes space.

“We motive them through a whole process of converting their lifestyle,” he says.

There are one-on-one training sessions along with small group training and boot camps, and that’s part of what is taking more space.

“We’re just at physical capacity,” Dykman says.

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CrossFit Compelled to open within Flying Moose Antique Mall on West Kellogg

WICHITA — What started as a garage-type gym for family and friends is turning into Wichita’s newest CrossFit gym.

Ryan Phelps says he and his friend Allen Wasinger were bored with their workouts and started doing CrossFit together to try something new.

“We just kind of looked at each other halfway through,” Phelps says of their first CrossFit workout. “We thought we were in good shape.”

They thought CrossFit took them to a new level, so they started introducing their friends to it. Phelps borrowed space from his wife Becky’s parents in an extra room they had at the Flying Moose Antique Mall at 9223 W. Kellogg.

“Before we knew it, we had so many people working out there every night,” Phelps says. “We never really had any intentions of getting that big.”

They called their 500-square-foot space Beast Mode Fitness, but they didn’t charge anyone for coming.

“We had so many people showing up,” Phelps says.

With encouragement from friends, he says he and his wife and Wasinger decided to make it official and become a CrossFit affiliate gym. Ryan Phelps says they had to jump through a number of hoops, but they got their certification and are expanding into almost 4,000 square feet at Flying Moose and changing their name to CrossFit Compelled.

“We like what CrossFit does,” Phelps says. “We’ve seen the transformations within ourselves.”

He says they also “were just really inspired by how promising the growth looked” for a CrossFit gym in the market.

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AMP CrossFit Box to move to South Rock Road area next week

WICHITA — AMP CrossFit Box has been in the former YMCA near Douglas and Rock Road where a church is now locating, but AMP co-owner Noah Morford doesn’t mind having to move.

“We actually found a bigger and better facility,” he says.

On Monday, AMP will open at 8021 E. Marion, which is a couple of miles south of Kellogg off Rock Road in a warehouse area.

“It’s a easier access off Rock,” Morford says.

He also likes that it’s not far from McConnell Air Force Base and is convenient to Derby, Rose Hill, Mulvane and Wichita.

Carl Hebert with InSite Real Estate Group handled the deal for the more than 5,000 square feet.

AMP offers an array of personal training, boot camp-type classes and CrossFit exercises for all ages along with sports-specific training.

Morford describes CrossFit as a well-rounded exercise that helps with endurance, strength and flexibility.

“Basically it’s not trying to make somebody good at one single thing,” he says. “The biggest thing is we scale (exercises) to fit the needs of the client.”

Inside Out Fitness opens at Brush Creek shopping center at 37th and Woodlawn

WICHITA — Caleb Schroeder was a popular personal trainer with the YMCA, but when he refused to sign a noncompete agreement last month, he says he lost his job.

Since then, he’s been planning his own training business. Now, it’s happening.

Inside Out Fitness is taking the final piece of former Blockbuster property in the Brush Creek shopping center near the southeast corner of 37th and Woodlawn.

“I’m planning to change people’s lives one at a time,” Schroeder says.

He says a lot of people have desires such as looking better or losing weight.

“Basically, a lot of people show up,” he says. “They just think it’s what they’re supposed to do.”

He says it takes more than that.

“Wellness and fitness comes from the inside out,” he says. “You must be tenacious.”

For now, he’ll offer a variety of group and personal training and some sport-specific training.

“We’re in the process of possibly doing a cardio (program),” he says.

Inside Out Fitness is in 1,400 square feet. Leisa Lowry with J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal.

Since he left the Y, Schroeder has been holding small boot camps to keep in touch with customers. Now, they can work out with him and two other trainers at Brush Creek.

In addition to trying to help people from the inside out, Schroeder says he particularly wants to help people who don’t enjoy working out.

“I’m trying to show people we can make it fun.”

North Wind Martial Arts and Fitness to open at Westlink Shopping Center

WICHITA — Florida native Brian Kelley says he came to Wichita a couple of years ago to work as a personal training director for Genesis Health Clubs and liked it so well that he decided to stay and open his own business.

North Wind Martial Arts and Fitness opens in the Westlink Shopping Center at Central and Tyler on Sept. 17.

“I really enjoyed my time here,” says Kelley, who quit working for Genesis last summer for family reasons.

“I really enjoyed your downtown and just the people,” he says. “I looked at the fact that there is a market here for traditional martial arts.”

Kelley’s studio will be in 2,350 square feet.

Andy Boyd of Walter Morris Cos. and Ted Branson of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

Kelley says he’ll teach martial arts for “defense, exercise (and) just overall well being.”

“I teach traditional martial arts for a modern world,” he says.

“If you’re not a person who wants to go in a weight room and lift weights, it’s a great exercise.”

North Wind will be for students of all ages.

“I really am not going to confine myself,” Kelley says. “I have something for everybody.”

Title Boxing Club to open at Shops at Tallgrass; two more clubs could follow

WICHITA — Even Wichitans who aren’t looking to get in shape are going to have a hard time avoiding gyms soon.

In addition to new Planet Fitness and Gold’s Gym locations, Title Boxing Club is coming to the city.

It may sound exclusive to boxers, but the franchise actually is a fitness center.

“We’re basically taking the danger out,” says Chris Gerhardt, who is opening the business with Matt McClure. Gerhardt says they want it to “be something everyone can do just to get in shape.”

The first of what they think will be three Title Boxing Clubs will open in 5,527 square feet near 21st and Rock Road at the Shops at Tallgrass early this summer.

Gerhardt is a business consultant and former employee of equipment dealer Title Boxing, which is the company that started the fitness franchise in Kansas City.

So far, 144 franchises have been purchased, and 25 are open nationally.

For $59.99 a month, clients can have group classes and individual training using the same exercises as those who box or do mixed martial arts.

“We just turn it into (a) regular workout program for everybody,” Gerhardt says.

There’s a boxing ring, but he says the majority of the class is on a boxing bag.

The classes have a warm-up, boxing rounds and core work at the end.

“This gym offers a coach that’s with you the entire time,” Gerhardt says. “There’s some pretty fantastic coaches that are already on board.”

That includes pro boxer Manny Thompson and Ross “The Boss” Puritty, a former heavyweight world champion.

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My Fit Wichita — Fat Loss Studio to open in southeast Wichita

WICHITA — Shawn Strickland has worked for a large fitness facility in the past, but he thinks it makes sense to approach fitness another way, so he’s opening My Fit Wichita — Fat Loss Studio.

“Basically, I’m opening a personal training studio geared entirely toward fat loss,” he says.

“It’s an epidemic,” Strickland says. “Almost 70 percent of people are overweight, and a third of people are obese, so there’s definitely a need for it.”

His studio will be off of Rock Road south of Harry Street at 1822 S. Longfellow Circle.

Strickland says it will be different from larger facilities.

“Their whole model is set up around memberships, and it’s not set up around getting results for people,” he says.

Strickland will offer semi-private classes of about six people. His grand opening is Oct. 31, but starting Oct. 1 Strickland will offer free Saturday fat-loss boot camps at 9:30 a.m.

“It’s basically just to . . . give people a chance to try me out, get my name out there a little bit (and) get rid of some of the excuses people have for not exercising — because it’s free, and it’s only an hour and on a Saturday,” he says.

“I want to be a complete solution.”

50 Plus Fitness moving from Normandie to Central and Greenwich

WICHITA — Husband and wife Chad and Trisha Lee are moving their 50 Plus Fitness studio and adding a permanent personal training space for Chad, who also owns Premier Fitness.

“It’s so exciting for him to get to have his own place,” Trisha Lee says.

Chad Lee does some personal training at the current 50 Plus Fitness studio, which is at Central and Woodlawn in the Normandie shopping center. He’s also been doing training in the Andover area since 1996.

The Lees wanted to find a more central location between Normandie and Andover, which is why they’re moving to Central and Greenwich. They’ll open early next month at 11414 E. Central next to the new Orange Leaf.

The new space is 2,500 square feet, which is larger than 50 Plus’ current 1,500 square feet.

In addition to training space, there will be room for yoga and Zumba classes and group camps, which are similar to boot camps.

“Group camps are a lot less intimidating,” Trisha Lee says.

Despite what the 50 Plus name might imply, she says, “We’re going to be able to accommodate all age ranges.”

There are some programs, though, specifically designed for the baby boomer and more senior population. There are some no-cost memberships available through certain health plans, Trisha Lee says.

She says the goal is to expand on 50 Plus’ private and comfortable atmosphere with a relaxing new space.

“It’s really spalike.”

Snap Fitness is still closed, and the owners aren’t saying why

WICHITA — On Monday, Snap Fitness franchisee Paul Johnson didn’t have many answers about why his fitness center abruptly shut its doors at the Wichita Executive Centre over the weekend.

He said he and his partners would have news Tuesday, but he didn’t return calls for comment.

“It sounds like you’ve had a chance to speak with him more than I have,” says Patrick Strait, communications manager for the Minnesota-based chain.

Strait says he’s “basically just trying to understand what the heck happened.”

He says his office was flooded with calls from members wondering what’s going on.

“I guess them and us both for the most part,” Strait says. “We didn’t have any advance notice.

“Every once in a while . . . we kind of get blindsided by this, too.”

Snap Fitness unexpectedly closed this weekend but will reopen soon, co-owner says

WICHITA — Though a lot of people look for any excuse they can to avoid working out, there were some frustrated Snap Fitness members who couldn’t use the 24-hour downtown fitness center this weekend.

The business, which is in the Wichita Executive Centre at 125 N. Market, unexpectedly closed Saturday.

“Basically, we’re in a disagreement with a couple of other owners,” co-owner Paul Johnson says.

Johnson won’t go into specifics, but he says he’ll share more information Tuesday.

“It’s all figured out,” Johnson says of some possible changes in ownership that are coming. “It’s just a matter of completing it.

“We should be back up and running shortly.”

A second Snap Fitness is still on target to open in December at 3300 N. Rock Road under different ownership.