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Candela event space to open at the Lux

UPDATED — The Tallgrass Film Festival used some of the Lux’s first-floor space at this and last year’s festivals, and now a couple of those areas are going to officially open to the public as event space.

Candela is the name for two areas that will be available to rent for parties, business meetings and other events at the Lux, which is at the northwest corner of First and Market.

There’s an auditorium that seats 200 and a hospitality room that has a stage and seats 80.

“It’s all original construction (and) architecture,” says Jeremy Luginbill of Lifeboat Creative. “We’re working to enhance the space.”

He says developers Robert Eyster and Michael Ramsey are having the rooms repainted and refurbished, but otherwise the spaces retain the midcentury modern feel of the 1953 building, which the Kansas Gas and Electric Co. built.

“KGE used to do presentations in the hospitality room of their gas ranges and other things,” Luginbill says.

He says there are about 300 lights in the auditorium in different tones.

“It’s just a unique lighting situation.”

Luginbill says that inspired the name Candela, which is a base unit of luminous intensity.

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Chicken Poop founder opening new headquarters, salon and event space

Chicken Poop founder Jamie Tabor Schmidt (right) is moving her business to a new 7,000-square-foot building at 611 S. St. Francis that she also plans to use for events and as gallery space. At left is Schmidt’s brother-in-law and director of operations, Michael Schmidt. Also pictured is Jamie Tabor Schmidt’s 4-year-old son, West.

UPDATED — Chicken Poop lip balm founder Jamie Tabor Schmidt is moving her business from the Fisch Haus to a 7,000-square-foot building that she and her husband, Eric Schmidt, bought at 611 S. St. Francis.

“It’s just a really great space,” Jamie Tabor Schmidt says. “We’re renovating it right now. … It’s a big project – bigger than I imagined.”

In addition to being what Schmidt calls the Chicken Poop World Headquarters, the new building will house an art gallery and event space that she is calling Ffarquhar.

“It was Eric’s grandma’s dog,” she says. Schmidt chose the spelling.

“I had to make it as weird as possible, you know.”

Schmidt says the new building offers several advantages over the Fisch Haus space on Commerce Street. Her business is on the second floor there, so she says the new space will be easier logistically.

“It’ll just be easier to ship stuff.”

Also, Schmidt says a lot of people want to rent event space at the Fisch Haus, but since there are several owners, there are more layers to go through for scheduling. That will change with Ffarquhar.

Eric Schmidt, an artist and inventor, also will use the space for his work.

In addition to the main building, there’s an 800-square-foot building on the property where Jamie Tabor Schmidt is opening a second business.

“I’m ready to open up a salon again,” she says.

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Gallery One-Nine faces financial struggles and vendor boycotts

WICHITA — Since the event space Gallery One-Nine opened late last year atop the Wichita Executive Centre at 125 N. Market, it has lost its party planner and now is losing vendors as well.

“We’ve got some issues very internally and very privately that we’re working on,” says owner Andy Sandlin.

“There’s just a lot of cash flow management that goes on with each event,” he says. “We’ve got a new system in place that will help us all quite a bit.”

That’s not convincing Ben Arnold of Corporate Caterers to return, though.

Arnold has catered events at the space and had five more planned but canceled them because of payment issues.

He says Sandlin repeatedly asked if he could postdate checks and eventually stopped payment on one.

“It was just an accounting snafu, that’s the only way I can explain it,” Sandlin says.

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