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Tutoring Center to open at Village at Greenwich

WICHITA — Sachin Bharati’s two small children aren’t old enough for school and test-taking yet, but he’s already thinking of their future and starting a Tutoring Center franchise here.

The business, which is part of a California-based chain, will open this summer next to Supercuts in 1,400 square feet at the Village at Greenwich at 21st and Greenwich.

“I was just really intrigued by the program,” Bharati says.

The franchise offers an after-school education center for children from kindergarten through 12th grade and specializes in reading, math and writing.

“It’s all one-to-one individual instruction for children,” Bharati says.

The franchise also has SAT and ACT prep classes, which Bharati won’t have immediately “but hopefully down the line.”

“That was a really strong factor, too,” he says of his interest in the franchise.

Initially, Bharati will have two to four instructors.

“It depends on the demand after that.”

Bharati is the business manager for his father Ralph Bharati’s psychiatry office, which he’ll continue to do in addition to having the Tutoring Center.

“Basically,” he says, “I wanted to bring something to the community here for the children.”

You don’t say

“I have a voice for newspaper.”

– Maize superintendent Doug Powers in a Facebook comment about how he’s glad it’s not his voice on the school’s recorded message about cancellations

You don’t say

“It is now clear that we could have easily kept Newman open from 8:00 to at least 8:45 before canceling because of the snow. I am deeply ashamed that I did not think to do this.”

Newman University provost Michael Austin’s sarcastic Facebook post about his “perilous on all sides” decision to cancel school today

Kumon Math and Reading Learning Center to open in Hampton Lakes Retail Center

WICHITA — Recent Wichita State University graduate Neeti Patel is now a teacher – and a business owner at age 22.

Patel, who has a business management degree, is opening a Kumon Math and Reading Learning Center in the Hampton Lakes Retail Center at 4041 N. Maize Road.

“I went to Kumon as a child,” Patel says. “The program is amazing. I really believe in it. … Education’s really important to me.”

She says Kumon is a Japanese learning enrichment program for students of all ages. It focuses on math and reading.

“It is the world’s largest enrichment program,” Patel says. “The children actually end up learning the concepts on their own.”

She says Kumon instructors make sure there are no gaps in what the students are learning.

“We start them at a place where they know everything, and we go up from there,” Patel says. “We call it the comfortable starting point.”

She says that’s to build confidence for the students and help them enjoy what they’re doing.

“They actually learn to love the material,” Patel says. “I loved the program. My parents loved the program.”

She says Kumon also is good to franchisees.

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You don’t say

“When you handed that to me, I just froze with fear.”

Jeff Turner’s comment to Gov. Sam Brownback when accepting Butler Community College’s Corporate Diversity Award for Spirit AeroSystems Friday. The award was handmade Karg Art Glass, and Turner explained he once accidentally knocked over and shattered a large piece of glass at Karg’s Kechi gallery.

You don’t say

“I am an opportunity magnet, just waiting for opportunities to find a girl with a tattoo.”

– Retiring Butler Community College president Jackie Vietti, who this summer got a magnolia tattoo while visiting Sturgis, S.D.

Two Wichita Learning Connection centers to open to help former students get diplomas

WICHITA — The South Central Kansas Education Service Center is opening two new sites in Wichita.

“What we do is we try to provide … cost-effective ways to provide education services to school districts,” says executive director Brad Pepper.

The south-central branch, which is based in Clearwater, serves 28 school districts and is one of seven education service centers in Kansas.

The center provides services such as integrating technology in classrooms, helping further professional development and arranging for reduced-rate equipment.

“Basically, if there’s a need that a school district has, we’ll provide that service,” Pepper says.

“They’re school districts without students,” is how he describes the centers.

At least that’s generally the case.

The two new Wichita sites will be part of a network of Wichita Learning Connection centers around the state that offer degree completion programs.

Pepper says the center partners with local school districts to help former students age 18 and older receive their high school diplomas.

“It’s an actual high school diploma,” Pepper says. He says that can carry more weight in the career world than a GED.

“We’re kind of targeting the Hispanic population,” Pepper says.

He says there’s a higher drop-out rate in that community, though Wichita Learning Connection is open to anyone.

One site will be in 1,550 square feet in New Leaf Plaza, formerly the Marina Lakes shopping center, at 21st and Amidon.

The other will be in 2,200 square feet at Parklane Shopping Center at Lincoln and Oliver.

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You don’t say

“Do you think spelling is taught at Heritage?”

QuikTrip customer Hank Scout’s reaction to seeing a sticker on a car for Heritage College that lists it being in “Witchita”

Cowley College moves its west-side enrollment and advisement center

WICHITA — Cowley College is moving its west-side enrollment and advisement center.

“We’re actually temporarily nowhere,” says Tony Crouch, executive vice president of business services.

The college has left its 3,000 square feet near 21st and Tyler and is moving into 2,000 square feet on the southwest corner of 13th and Tyler near Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria.

“We’ll be doing all the same things,” Crouch says.

The college also is in the process of renovating the former post office in Mulvane at 410 E. Main St. for classroom space. The remodeled 6,000 square feet will be ready in August.

You don’t say

“I told them I’d do it a second time and pocket the cash.”

Freddy’s co-owner Scott Redler, joking about his offer of dinner for eight that raised $3,750 at the Butler Community College auction Friday (which raised more than $165,000)