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Credit Union of America to move and expand Derby branch

WICHITA — The Derby Credit Union of America, which currently is at 620 N. Baltimore, is moving to the northeast corner of Rock Road and James Street.

“We’ve got this land deal done, and we’re trying to go full speed ahead on this branch,” says Glenda Burkett, vice president for marketing and business development.

“It is going to be a larger branch.”

The credit union is in 1,200 square feet now and will have 3,000 square feet in its new space. There also will be a drive-through with two or three lanes and an ATM lane. The current branch doesn’t have a drive-through.

“This will be a freestanding location that we are building,” Burkett says.

She says there won’t be a traditional teller line at the new branch.

Burkett says the employees who greet members will be full-service workers who are able to handle all of members’ needs.

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Mid American Credit Union looks at building an east-side branch

WICHITA — Mid American Credit Union is looking at building a new branch on the southwest corner of 29th and Webb in front of the Marriott ExecuStay.

“We’ve been thinking about building there for a long time,” says president and CEO Jim Holt. “We’re just getting closer than we have been.”

The credit union has owned the land for more than seven years.

“We’ve been needing an east-side location for quite a while,” Holt says.

“That’s why we got the property in the first place.”

Mid American owns its branch at 8404 W. Kellogg in front of Home Depot and has partnerships in branches at several other places.

Mid American would partner with other credit unions on its potential east-side space as well.

“Credit Unions are very cooperative in the way they do things,” Holt says.

He says the near future might be a good time to build for a couple of reasons.

“We think probably building costs are down now more than they would be at other times,” Holt says.

The likelihood of an economic recovery in the not-too-distant future is a reason to build now as well, he says.

“About the time it’s ready to open up, things may be better in the economy.”