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Terradyne Country Club and residential partners in lawsuit over financial dispute

UPDATED — The partners in Terradyne Country Club and Terradyne Residential are in a financial dispute that has led to a lawsuit against one another.

CS Ventures, which is Craig and Christy Smith, and Terradyne Residential have filed a lawsuit in Sedgwick County District Court against partners Jerry Slack, Earle Evans and Wichita-based BGS Cos.

“It’s just that some of the partners … have not paid their part of the cash calls,” Craig Smith says. “We’ve been patiently waiting and waiting.”

Evans says he and Slack have paid.

“We feel like we’re not getting full credit on it for what we did,” he says.

Evans says the first he heard of the suit is when a reporter told him about it.

“I’m amazed because I talked to Craig Smith … yesterday. He never said anything,” Evans says.

“That can’t be true because he’s signed receipt of it,” Smith says.

Regardless, Evans says he’s not pleased.

“There probably will be some repercussions on that.”

Meaning a possible countersuit?

“Could be. I don’t know.”

A 10-person partnership formed in 2006 to buy Terradyne out of bankruptcy, and Smith and his lawyer, Harvey Sorensen, say initially it did well.

“They had a positive cash flow excluding capital expenditures,” Sorensen says.

“They invested a lot of money in redeveloping the course and redeveloping the clubhouse and getting the residential development ready to go, and then the world collapsed.”

He says, “There are several people who wanted to ride the elevator up but wanted to get off when it started to go down.”

During the difficult times, Sorensen says the club and residential development’s losses were funded through only about half of the owners.

“We have started a campaign to remind the noncontributing members of their obligations. We expect to be in contact with several prominent members of the community who have not paid their fair share.”

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Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association names new president and CEO

UPDATED — Adam Mills is the new president and CEO of the Kansas Restaurant & Hospitality Association.

Mills has been serving in that position on an interim basis since Don Sayler resigned in August after five years leading the group.

“As interim director, Adam did just an incredible job with starting to move the organization forward,” says Scott Redler, the association’s chairman.

The association, which was founded in 1929, represents the hospitality industry. That includes restaurants, private clubs, hotels and motels.

Redler says the group wanted to take its time in finding a new leader and do an exhaustive search, but he says the right pick was there all along.

“We’ve just been very pleased with his guidance.”

Mills has been the association’s vice president of member services since August 2003 and has led the effort to grow members and also managed their insurance programs.

Before joining the association, Mills owned his own insurance agency in Derby.

“He understands the member benefits that are critical,” Redler says. “It’s a great move.”

Sayler previously said he resigned because of professional and family health reasons.

“I’ve enjoyed association management and the hospitality industry, but the time involved and the stress is high.”


Hereford House to open at Terradyne Country Club

WICHITA — Restaurateur Mike Issa and the owners of Terradyne Country Club confirm it: Hereford House is going to open there.

“The deal is going forward,” Issa says.

The restaurant likely will open in the first week of December.

Have You Heard? reported the news earlier this month, though at that time no one involved would comment.

Even if you’re not a member of Terradyne, you’ll be able to eat at the restaurant. In fact, that’s what Issa is counting on.

“Being in that location, it can serve Wichita and all the surrounding area,” he says.

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Hereford House could open at Terradyne Country Club

herefordWICHITA — It looks like diners from the Wichita area will no longer have to drive to Kansas City to enjoy Hereford House.

The popular Kansas City steakhouse — with the slogan, “50 Years Old and Still in Our Prime!” — now has several Kansas City-area locations.

It’s newest location outside of the city likely will be in what’s currently the Palomino Grill at Terradyne Country Club in Andover.

Former Italian Garden owner Mike Issa is working on a deal to open in the space.

No one is talking about it yet, but look for a deal to happen as early as this week.

In August, Issa closed the west-side Italian Garden. The east-side Italian Garden closed prior to that.

Senor Tequila is now in the former Italian Garden space at 21st and Tyler.

After opening at Terradyne, Issa may have the rights to open one more Hereford House in Wichita.

We’ll keep you posted.