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Atwell LLC to move to North Andover Road

WICHITA — Atwell, an international consulting firm, is taking 1,050 square feet at Jack Newman’s almost 10,000-square-foot center at 1145 N. Andover Road.

This brings the development to 100 percent occupancy.

“In this economy, it’s nice to have a building completely full because, boy, there sure (are) a lot of them that are sitting empty right now,” Newman says.

He credits Scott Harper of Landmark Commercial Real Estate for making the deal, but Harper says it’s thanks to Newman.

“He’s a landlord that does meticulously maintain his property and really cares about his tenants,” Harper says. He says that makes the difference.

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Tiahrt establishes two new businesses for consulting and investments

WICHITA — After years of adhering to schedules that weren’t necessarily the ones he chose, former Rep. Todd Tiahrt now has two new companies where he calls the shots — including scheduling.

“I have more control of my time, which is something I covet,” he says.

Todd Tiahrt LLC is a consulting company, which will focus on aviation, aerospace and energy issues.

“I’ve done a lot of work in all three of those areas over the years,” he says.

Todd Tiahrt Enterprises is for other ventures.

“I’m looking for some places to invest,” Tiahrt says. “Not that I have a lot to invest, but I hope to some day.”

Almost all of his consulting clients, such as Hawker Beechcraft, are local. Tiahrt says he’s “trying to help with some local issues.”

“I just kind of know how things get done, and I’m trying to help people get things done.”

He’s spending about three weeks of every month in his Wichita office at 10500 E. Berkeley Square Parkway.

While “Tanker Todd” is known for his work helping Boeing get the $35 billion contract to build the Air Force’s new fleet of aerial-refueling tankers, he says he can help general aviation clients, too.

For instance, he says he worked to try and prevent user fees that have to be paid every time a plane takes off and lands.

“It has a devastating impact on the number of people who fly,” Tiahrt says. “I’ve opposed that strongly in Congress.”

Tiahrt says he looks forward to having a more in-depth focus on a limited number of subjects, “rather than the last 16 years when I had to know a little bit about everything.”

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