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Aerosmith appeared in Wichita but ‘Idol’ didn’t, despite what Steven Tyler says

WICHITA — Aerosmith front man and former “American Idol” judge Steven Tyler did an interview from Kansas City, Mo., today with the syndicated “Bobby Bones Show.”

“Do you travel so much that you forget where you are at times?” Bones asked.

“Absolutely, absolutely,” Tyler said before unintentionally going on to prove it.

“I was on the set the other night in … Wichita, Kansas,” Tyler said.

That part was true. Aerosmith played Intrust Bank Arena Sunday night.

“Just so happened ‘Idol’ was there,” Tyler said. He went on to explain that he called up his former “Idol” buddies Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest, who said they wanted to come to his show.

“Of course, I dragged them both out on stage, which was a hoot for me. That was my coup de grace, getting them both out on stage in my world and not on the set of ‘Idol’ was a grand finale for me.”

A grand finale it may have been, but it didn’t happen in Wichita. “Idol” was taping in Oklahoma City.

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You don’t say

“I prefer milk, but that doesn’t go as well on the sign.”

Monica Schlegel of Monica’s Bundt Cake, who sells her cakes at Intrust Bank Arena and advertises shows (such as Michael Buble today) at her Douglas Avenue store with signs such as “Buble, bundts & beer”

You don’t say

“Maybe now he will stop texting me wanting to know when the Eagles are coming.”

Intrust Bank Arena spokeswoman Sarah Haertl, referring to Eagle sports columnist and Eagles fanatic Bob Lutz’s constant pestering about the band (which is coming to Wichita June 30)

Eagles are coming to Intrust Bank Arena

WICHITA — Live Nation now confirms the Eagles are coming to Intrust Bank Arena on June 30.

No one with the concert promoter returned a call for comment, but the date is now on the Live Nation website.

The site says there’s a presale for tickets starting June 2.

The Eagles could be coming to Intrust Bank Arena

eagles.comWICHITA — Back before Intrust Bank Arena opened, there was a lot of speculation about what act would kick off the new venue.

The most popular pick was the Eagles, except they weren’t on tour when the arena opened in January.

They are now.

There will be an announcement next week about a big show coming to the arena, and our bet is it’s the Eagles.

The band is on its Long Road Out of Eden tour now.

Its website lists a number of upcoming dates, though none for Wichita — yet.

The Eagles are playing in St. Louis on June 24 and in Dallas on June 26. Those are the closest cities announced so far. It would not be surprising to see a Wichita date around that time.

The Eagles are playing in Austin October 10, so it looks like there’s plenty of time this summer to schedule more venues.

The Dixie Chicks and Keith Urban are special guests for a number of scheduled dates so far.

An arena spokeswoman won’t confirm or deny that there’s even an announcement coming next week.

Most likely, the announcement will be coming from concert promoter Live Nation.

A Live Nation spokeswoman didn’t return calls for comment.

We’ll keep you posted.

Wichita Festivals Inc. still negotiating for River Festival replacement

It seems Wichita Festivals Inc.’s negotiations with Cheap Trick are still ongoing. Check back tomorrow to see if that’s the act that will replace Wichita River Festival headliner Bret Michaels or if it’s time for Plan C.

You don’t say

“It was also so sweet of them to surprise us with front row seats!”

Missy Stevens of Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, who delivered free Freddy’s custard to Taylor Swift and her entourage before Thursday’s show and unexpectedly got to stay for the concert

You don’t say

“Our line-up rivals anyone in the country and this proves that point.”

Intrust Bank Arena general manager Chris Presson’s e-mailed response about Billboard naming the Elton John-Billy Joel concert the No. 1 grossing concert in North America (with $1,706,428 in sales) for the week ending March 16

Billy Joel and Elton John likely to be Intrust Bank Arena’s premier concert for 2010


WICHITA — There’s a 2 p.m. Monday press conference scheduled to announce a major rock act coming to Intrust Bank Arena.

There’s no confirmation, but it looks likely that Billy Joel and Elton John are bringing their Face 2 Face tour here.

They’re performing in Denver on Feb. 22 at the Pepsi Center. Then, they’re performing at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City on Feb. 25 and at the Sprint Center in Kansas City on Feb. 27.

An employee with Live Nation, which represents Joel and John, confirms that there will be an announcement coming from the company.

The employee won’t give other details except to say, “It’s going to be a big show.”

Arena spokeswoman Beth King says she’s not at liberty to talk details.

“The press conference is being hosted by a promoter and not the arena,” she says.

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Tweet of the week

“Ha Ha. Here at Envision . . . we have the INTRUST Community Room, we worry about people going to the bank for our events.”

— A tweet on Twitter from Envision’s Michael Epp (@michalepp) in reply to a tweet about the Intrust Bank concert calls