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Cox tests premium land-line products in Wichita

WICHITA — Nationally, Cox is looking to offer customers new services for their land lines, but before moving ahead with potential upgrades the company is asking 300 Wichitans what they think.

Wichita is a test market for Cox Premium Communications, which includes advanced phone features such as the ability to transfer calls between wireless and home phones.

Potentially, customers also could choose if they want their land lines to ring at home or if they’d prefer calls to come through their wireless phones.

“They chose Wichita, Kansas . . . to ask customers, ‘Hey, do you like this? Does this work well for you?’ ” says Cox Communications Kansas spokeswoman Sarah Kauffman.

She says Wichita is “very well suited for the trial.”

That includes operationally.

“We raise our hand every time there is a new technology,” Kauffman says of testing products.

In other markets, Cox is testing its wireless phones.

Kauffman says Cox could start wireless service here by late 2010.

Cox Communications Kansas sues User-Friendly Phone Book over incorrectly publishing phone numbers and addresses

WICHITA — Cox Communications Kansas has filed a lawsuit against User-Friendly Phone Book in Sedgwick County District Court.

Cox spokeswoman Sarah Kauffman says the basis of the suit goes back to 2008 when User-Friendly published the addresses and phone numbers of customers who didn’t want them listed.

“At the time, we made attempts asking User-Friendly . . . to take action to remedy the mistakes that they made,” Kauffman says. “We did not get a response from them at that time.”

She says many of the numbers and addresses — Kauffman isn’t sure how many — were incorrectly published again this year.

In a letter dated July 22, 2009, Cox (through Foulston Siefkin attorney Jay Fowler) told User-Friendly: “This conduct is inexcusable.”

Cox demanded User-Friendly stop delivering its phone books, recall any distributed copies and fix the situation.

Kauffman says that hasn’t happened.

“We’re really hoping that they will correct the situation,” she says.

That’s the point of the lawsuit, Kauffman says.

Heather Burrer, general counsel for Woodlands, Texas-based User-Friendly, says, “Right now we do not comment on any pending litigation.”