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Bass Hooligans to close next month

WICHITA — Not quite five years after opening at Boulevard Plaza at Lincoln and George Washington Boulevard, Bass Hooligans is closing due to the economy.

“All fishing is discretionary fun,” says Jerry Harper, who owns the tackle shop.

He first started noticing a drop off in business a couple of years ago when gas prices went over $3 a gallon.

“The numbers of people dwindled proportionately.”

Then came more aircraft layoffs.

“That didn’t help.”

Harper says the business never recovered.

He’ll keep an online store at

The physical store will close after Sept. 18.

Harper has started discounting merchandise by 20 percent and will offer 30 percent off by the week the store closes.

East & West Menswear to move to Old Town

WICHITA — East meets West meets Old Town.

Four months after opening in Boulevard Plaza at Lincoln and George Washington Boulevard, East & West Menswear is moving to 924 E. Douglas in Old Town.

That’s near the northwest corner of Douglas and Washington.

“It’s kind of a different concept,” says owner Marquis Henley. “It’s not so sporty as the first store was.”

Initially, the store focused on men’s swimwear and high-end underwear.

Now the store will be renamed East & West Menswear With a New Direction and will sell men’s clothing.

“It’s kind of a mix of Armani and Banana Republic,” says Henley, who says he’ll sell that style of clothing, though not those brands exactly.

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East & West Menswear, a male version of Victoria’s Secret, to open April 1

WICHITA — Marquis Henley has lived in New York and California and now is bringing a bit of each to Wichita with East & West Menswear.

He’ll open the store April 1 in Boulevard Plaza at Lincoln and George Washington Boulevard.

“Our main focus is underwear and swimwear,” Henley says.

He’s looking to New York for fashion inspiration and California for beach styles.

“I also like to look at it as a Victoria’s Secret for men,” Henley says.

“Some men are very embarrassed standing in the middle of the store trying to pick underwear with people all around them.”

Henley wants male shoppers to have the same opportunity as female ones.

He’ll also offer accessories, such as belts, cologne and jewelry.

“Anything I can possibly think of that’s going to cater to men.”

Henley says he would have liked to open on the east side, but he thinks Boulevard Plaza is ideally situated in central Wichita and close to the interstate. Also, he says, the price is right.

“You gotta crawl before you walk.”