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Rock Ridge Family Medicine to open in new Bel Aire building this spring

WICHITA — Growing up, as Timothy Wolff planned a career in medicine, he thought about the business side, too.

Later this week, his plans finally will be realized when he breaks ground on a new home for his Rock Ridge Family Medicine at the northeast corner of 53rd and Rock Road in Bel Aire.

“This has kind of been a dream of mine ever since I was in high school,” he says. “Something that I can call my own.”

Wolff is a doctor of osteopathic medicine and currently is at 9050 E. 29th St. North, where he’s been for six of the 16 years he’s been in practice.

As a native of rural Nebraska, Wolff says he’s always liked the idea of the small doctor’s office on the corner.

“The mom-and-pop-type practice is kind of what I’ve always wanted to do,” he says. He thinks a doctor’s office “should be someplace where somebody can walk in and know who they’re seeing. They don’t have to worry if they’re going to have to retell their story over and over again.”

Wolff achieved that by opening his own place, but owning the building takes him to the next level, he says.

“That concreteness of having something there when it’s all said and done is enticing.”

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FedEx Ground, Shuttle Aerospace likely to be next occupants of Bel Aire’s Sunflower Commerce Park

WICHITA — Bel Aire’s new Sunflower Commerce Park has landed a major deal and has another significant one in the works.

“We’re pretty pleased that just six months after groundbreaking, we’re really getting a lot of interest,” says Bel Aire city manager Ty Lasher.

Kansas City, Mo.-based Jones Development has 22 acres under contract at the park, which is just south of 53rd Street North and Webb Road in Bel Aire.

Sources say Jones plans to lease a 181,000-square-foot building to FedEx Ground.

Neither Lasher nor Marlin Penner of John T. Arnold Associates, the broker handling the deal, will confirm the building is for FedEx.

“Yes, we are under contract with Jones Development Company, and there will be a project out to bid,” Penner says. “It is a Fortune 100 company, and it will be a very nice facility, which will be a great thing for Sunflower Commerce Park.”

Lasher agrees and calls the deal “exciting.”

“It’s a big building,” he says. “We’ve actually signed a contract with them to purchase that, and they’re in the due diligence process. … We’re hoping to close in about 60 days.”

In an e-mailed statement, FedEx spokeswoman Allison Houser says: “FedEx Ground continuously evaluates opportunities that can enhance our ability to serve our customers, but, as a matter of policy, we don’t have further information on specific proposals under consideration.”

Lasher says he also expects to have a deal shortly with Wichita-based Shuttle Aerospace.

“We’ve negotiated the contract,” he says. “We’re waiting for their signature.”

Shuttle Aerospace currently is in 12,000 square feet of leased space at 2106 E. Industrial St. near Interstate 135 and Hydraulic. The company would own its new 25,000-square-foot building at the park.

“We grow at 25 to 30 percent a year,” owner Clovis Ribas says of the company, which makes small-to-medium-size parts and assemblies for the aerospace industry. “We are expanding, obviously, buying new machines and hiring people.”

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Kansas Sports Academy to locate at planned Caban Marketplace in Bel Aire

WICHITA — Developers of the planned Caban Marketplace along North Rock Road in Bel Aire are sharing specifics for one phase of the potentially 580-acre development.

Tom Blitz of Shopping Center Development & Consulting says there are plans for a $22 million, 220,000-square-foot Kansas Sports Academy that would locate south of Highway 254 and north of the new Bel Aire high school.

He says the complex will have 17 full-size basketball courts, 25 volleyball courts, eight tennis courts and three outdoor sand volleyball courts and be intended as a place to develop athletes.

“It’s more of an environment to bring in professional coaches and help train traveling teams,” Blitz says.

He says there also will be strength and speed training areas as well.

“This is an academy,” Blitz says. “Not just here’s a court and play.”

There are several developers behind Caban Marketplace. Blitz won’t say who is doing the Kansas Sports Academy.

“They are choosing to remain anonymous at the moment.”

In addition to sports venues, Caban Marketplace potentially will include retail stores, a water park/destination hotel and an aquarium among other things.

The size and scope of the project could be affected by whether the developers and city are able to get approval from the state to use sales and tax revenue bond financing, which is repaid using the state sales tax collected from businesses on site. The bonds would be used to build the project’s infrastructure.

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Tierra Verde Development set to break ground in Bel Aire

WICHITA — The multifaceted Tierra Verde Development near 47th North and Webb in Bel Aire will be under construction within a month.

“It’s really coming together a lot better than we expected with the economy being such that it is,” says architect Paul Cavanaugh, who is working with Terrie and Stephen Grillot on the 77-acre project.

The three are about to begin a bid process to build roads in the development, where they are buying another 80 acres and have an option for 70 more.

Construction of the first phase — which includes a spa and sports complex — will begin as soon as the first roads are in.

Several years ago, Terrie Grillot had a vision for a surgical recovery spa. After a potential deal with a local country club didn’t work out, she began looking for land to start one from scratch.

That’s when she first talked with Cavanaugh about possibly being the architect for the project.

“The more I got involved with it, the more I realized it was really a good thing for a lot of different reasons,” Cavanaugh says.

The development’s green approach — with sustainable and recyclable materials — is partly what attracted him.

“We’re trying to make it a green, Earth-friendly development, and I thought that was really worthwhile,” he says.

Terrie Grillot and Cavanaugh have made deals or are in final negotiations for several deals in the first phase. They include:

– The Healing Center at Tierra Verde, which Terrie Grillot and physician Lisa Weber will develop. It will be, in part, a place for patients to prepare or recover from procedures elsewhere.

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