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Oklahoma Boy’s BBQ to open in Augusta

WICHITA — Oklahoma Boy’s BBQ owner Terry Keeton thinks there are too many barbecue restaurants in El Dorado, so he’s moving his business to Augusta.

Keeton says he thinks it’ll be a better location with less competition.

The Oklahoma native hopes to open his restaurant at 114 E. 7th St. in Augusta in the next week or two. He says it’ll seat about 35 diners.

For now, he is selling food out of a mobile concession stand in front of the restaurant.

“We’ve got our wagon kind of temporarily set up.”

Adrian’s Cafe owner to open two Zorro’s Tacos and More restaurants

WICHITA — He’s not Spanish. Nor does he wear a mask or cape.

That’s not stopping restaurateur George Matta from using Zorro as his new mascot, though.

The owner of the Mediterranean Adrian’s Cafe at 21st and Rock Road is opening two new restaurants called Zorro’s Tacos & More.

“It’s a new … style of restaurant for me,” Matta says. “This is my first fast food.”

The restaurants are going in two former Taco Tico spaces: 2406 N. Anderson in Newton and 205 W. Seventh Ave. in Augusta.

“I wanted to expand, and I was looking for real estate to own,” Matta says.

“It’s going to be like Tex-Mex, you know, tacos and burritos and enchiladas … with some Mediterranean flair,” he says. “‘And more’ means whatever I want.”

That could be bierocks or gyros or hummus or whatever special he feels like making.

“To do just Mediterranean fast food, I don’t think … it will go,” Matta says. “Mexican food … there’s more demand.”

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Tractor Supply to open Augusta store

UPDATED — Tractor Supply, a national chain that sells lawn, garden and animal care products, is expanding with a new store in Augusta.

The company already has stores on East and West Kellogg.

The new store is tentatively set to open Oct. 10 at the southwest corner of Southwest Diamond Road and East Kellogg. Jeff Englert and Nathan Farha of NAI Martens represented a seller who sold three and a quarter acres to a developer who is a building a building for Tractor Supply.

Englert and Farha’s client has another eight acres near there to sell.

Via e-mail, a Tractor Supply representative said the area is especially attractive because of farmers and horse owners who live and work there.

The store, which will be almost 20,000 square feet, will employ 12 to 17 full-time and part-time employees.


Wisconsin-based Cobblestone Inn & Suites looking to bring hotel to Augusta

UPDATED — A new hotel may be coming to Augusta.

Wisconsin-based Cobblestone Inn & Suites, which recently opened a new hotel in Anthony and also has one in Harper, is considering a 50-room hotel.

“They have been looking at our community,” says Mayor Kristey Williams. “They’re growing very rapidly.”

Cobblestone is considering property on Seventh Avenue next to a car lot and just down from the new Walmart.

“It’s not finalized, but there seems to be a lot of interest,” Williams says.

Cobblestone is looking for local investors to be part of an LLC. The hotel isn’t a franchise.

Williams compares it to a Holiday Inn Express or Hampton Inn.

“It’s of that caliber.”

She says there would be a pool and a bar.

“It has all the amenities and features that you would find at any reputable chain.”

Attracting a well-known franchise in a city of Augusta’s size is difficult, Williams says.

“As you can imagine, it’s much more expensive to bring a franchise into your community.”

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Augusta Municipal Airport to add condos

Lloyd Partin of the Augusta Municipal Airport, which is going to be getting new private hangar condos.

UPDATED — When Lloyd Partin took over as manager of the Augusta Municipal Airport a year ago, he says there were 20 open T-hangars and space in the main community hangar.

That’s changed.

“Everything’s full,” Partin says.

Partin is working with Michael Dunn of the Denver-based Aviation Development Group to build private hangar condos at the airport.

He decided to do it after querying the local market to see if he should add more hangars.

“We sent out feelers essentially to see if there is pent-up demand,” Partin says. “We got a pretty good response back from people saying, yeah, we’re pretty interested.”

First, Partin considered having the airport build more hangars in addition to its 70 T-hangars and community hangar.

“That’s something we’ve been beating our head on the wall looking at,” Partin says.

He says the expense is too great.

Private condos make sense, Partin says, but he says there’s been a misperception about the ability for private development at the airport.

“I don’t know how that got miscommunicated over the years, but that’s what we’re hearing,” he says. “That’s the farthest thing from the truth there is.”

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Walmart confirms it will move and double the size of its Augusta store

WICHITA — In October 2010, Have You Heard? first reported a new, larger Walmart would be coming to Augusta. The Arkansas retailer didn’t have a comment at the time. It now confirms the store.

In an e-mailed response to an inquiry from The Eagle, spokesman Ryan Irsik said the company will be moving its 47,000-square-foot store at 1618 Ohio St. to 719 W. 7th Ave., which is near U.S. 54 and Lulu Street.

The new store will be a Walmart Supercenter with 120,000 square feet.

In addition to having more general merchandise, Irsik says the store will have more food as well, including a bakery, deli and fresh produce section. There also will be an expanded garden center.

Walmart currently employs 75 people at its Augusta store. The new one will have about 135 workers.

Look for the new store to open in early summer 2013.

Augusta McDonald’s to reopen March 15 — which is big news for the city

WICHITA — Several McDonald’s locations around Wichita have remodeled or rebuilt, which isn’t necessarily big news.

If a temporarily closed McDonald’s is in a smaller city such as Augusta, though, it’s huge news.

“It’s the talk of the town,” says Jennifer Lane, whose family owns and operates the restaurant.

“I see people parked across the street,” she says.

Some just watch the construction. Others take pictures.

Others have had to find alternative meeting places during the restaurant’s reconstruction.

“I think they might have been having some coffee shops in their houses,” Lane says.

Even Lane’s family – the ones who don’t own the restaurant – are getting in on it.

“Well, I stopped by, checked on everything,” Lane’s father, John Tipton, informed her while she was out of town. “Seems to be doing pretty good.”

By the time the restaurant reopens on March 15, construction will have lasted less than two months.

“We’re setting a record for the region on this build,” Lane says.

Wichita’s Petra construction company is the contractor.

“I can’t even speak highly enough of them,” Lane says.

There’s a ribbon cutting on March 14. Retired employee Claudette Williams, who is 94, will do the honors. She’s thinking she may want to stay around and return to work.

Williams and her daughter occasionally make the drive from Wichita “to check on everything,” Lane says.

She says Williams has told her: “I don’t think anybody should retire. I just don’t like it at all.”

Lane says the new McDonald’s, which is still at 520 W. Seventh St., will have “a very crisp, clean look” with modern, sleek lines and fewer pictures on the walls.

Though the busy Lane undoubtedly will be happy to have the restaurant open once again, the temporary closure has offered an opportunity for her to see how important the restaurant is in Augusta.

“It’s really cool.”


Circa 1890 Antiques to close after more than 30 years in business

WICHITA — After more than 30 years in business, Nancy McEwen is closing her Circa 1890 Antiques.

Currently, the shop is in Augusta at 10257 Southwest River Valley Road, which is near Kellogg but a bit off the beaten path.

At one point in the 1980s, the store was located in Wichita.

McEwen says 2007 was her best year in business.

“Right after that, the recession started,” she says.

Business isn’t bad, but McEwen says it’s not good enough for how much time she puts into it.

“My accountant has said, ‘You must just love to work for nothin’.’”

McEwen specializes in restoring pine furniture and mirrors and ceiling tins. She also has new and antique accessories.

Her last day in business is Dec. 31. Before then, she’s open only four more days: Dec. 10 and 17 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Dec. 11 and 18 from noon to 5 p.m.

McEwen (who can be reached at 316-253-5209) says she hopes her longtime customers – not to mention everybody else – will come by and see her.

“I’ve just made so many friends doing it, that’s the part that’s hardest to let go.”

Former Eaton Steakhouse owners to open Cinnamon Bakery & Caffe in Augusta

WICHITA — Stephanie and Steve Compton are getting back in the restaurant business.

The two used to have Eaton Steakhouse, which closed amid numerous financial and other problems in 2009.

They made a new start in Augusta by selling baked goods to friends, businesses and at the local farmers market.

Now, they’re preparing to open Cinnamon Bakery & Caffe at 419 State St.

There’s no set opening date yet. It’s likely at least a month away.

“We’re just going to stay with the bakery and the lunches for now,” Steve Compton says of their initial plans.

It doesn’t sound like leaving the restaurant business was an option after the Eaton Steakhouse.

“Well, it’s called making a living,” Steve Compton says. “That’s what we do.”

Why Augusta?

“It seemed like a nice, quiet place to go.”

Eric Christinat, executive director of Downtown Augusta Inc., says he’s aware of the Comptons’ past problems. He says, though, Augusta is happy to have them.

“Everybody absolutely loves their stuff.”

You don’t say

“There are people clamoring to get into our little town, believe it or not.”

Downtown Augusta Inc. executive director Eric Christinat on how some businesses prefer locating in a smaller city