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Delano is forming a community development corporation and a business association

WICHITA — Two new groups are forming in Delano to further progress and cohesiveness in the area.

For a number of years, there have been a number of groups working toward those goals. There’s a historical group, a neighborhood association, a group of clergy members and, until a couple of years ago, a business association.

There’s long been talk about the need for a larger group — a community development corporation.

“Everybody was kind of waiting for . . . the other group to do it,” says Karen Cravens, president of the Delano Neighborhood Association. “There’s been a lot of individual interest (and) energy.”

She’s now spearheading the formation of the corporation “to get everybody on the same page and give them a flag to rally under basically.”

That’s spurring the reorganization of a business association.

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