QuikTrip no longer allows lottery tickets to be purchased by credit card

UPDATED — To the disappointment of some, QuikTrip no longer allows customers to buy lottery tickets with credit cards.

“We’d love to be able to continue to do it,” says spokesman Mike Thornbrugh. “We just can’t.”

He says that “it’s a losing transaction.”

That’s because credit card fees cost almost as much as what states reimburse the company for selling tickets.

“It eats up all the margin,” Thornbrugh says.

In some cases, QuikTrip even sells tickets at a loss.

The company operates in 11 states. State rules and reimbursement levels vary. Some already didn’t allow tickets to be purchased with credit cards.

“It’s nothing but a financial decision,” Thornbrugh says.

“It’s not smart business to sell items and lose money. …That’s not typically what a retailer would do.”