Charlie’s PizzaTaco to start food truck

WICHITA — It almost seems like anymore, if you’re going to have a restaurant, it’s the norm to also have either catering or a food truck with it.

The owners of Charlie’s PizzaTaco are going to have both.

“We’re purchasing a food truck,” Tim Holmes says.

Holmes and David Hoffman opened the restaurant in west Wichita near Central and Tyler a couple of years ago. Hoffman’s father, the late Charlie Hoffman, started the business in Pratt in 1965. The Pratt connection is “kind of one of the reasons why we came up with the food truck,” Holmes says.

“The store in Pratt, Kan., where we originally are from, has closed down due to the death of Charlie Hoffman,” he says.

“The Pratt people have really been our foundation behind us.”

Holmes says when the truck becomes operational, it will go to Pratt once a week “to continue to give that customer base – that’s been so supportive to us – the product.”

He says the truck also gives the restaurant a chance to visit places such as east Wichita and Derby where Charlie’s fans keep asking for the restaurant to open.

“Hopefully everybody in town will have at least seen the truck by this time next year,” Holmes says.

The truck will offer the restaurant’s original pizza taco, which is part taco and part pizza, along with bierocks and pizza pups, which are hot dogs wrapped in flatbread.

“A lot of the kids really like that,” Holmes says.

The truck, which will debut in the middle of September, also will allow the restaurant to cater.

“It’s going to be a really nice truck,” Holmes says.

There will be a TV screen in the middle of the truck “so you can kind of really see what you’re getting,” he says. “A lot of people still don’t know what a pizza taco is.”