Chamber thinks it scored a touchdown with annual dinner speaker

WICHITA — Futbol fever is sweeping the world, but the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce is more into football at the moment.

That’s because the group has selected its speaker for its Dec. 4 annual meeting, and though the chamber didn’t choose the speaker due to a football connection, the person does have ties to the sport.

The chamber is waiting until Wednesday afternoon to share the news, but spokeswoman Angie Prather was a good sport and played a little guessing game in the meantime.

Barry Sanders was our obvious first choice. Or another player?

Nice try, Prather says, but nope.

A coach? Team owner?

Our guesses seem to be getting colder.

College or pro official?

Getting warmer … sort of.

Prather allowed a few clues.

This football fanatic — again, not necessarily known for football — likely would don a brown jersey on Sundays and perhaps turn on some Led Zeppelin for a fabulous afternoon. However, this person would prefer to have a more official capacity in the sport that might surprise some.

Think you know who it may be? Thoroughly confused? Either way, check back here Wednesday afternoon for the full story.