Brad Pistotnik sues brother and former firm

WICHITA — Attorney Brad Pistotnik, who earlier this month left the Affiliated Attorneys of Pistotnik Law Offices to start Brad Pistotnik Law, has sued his former practice in Sedgwick County District Court. The suit also names his brother, Brian, who Brad Pistotnik previously said he’s practiced law with “forever.”

“It’s a pretty boring suit,” says Chuck Millsap, Brad Pistotnik’s attorney. “It’s simply a statutory method of dissolving a 50-50 corporation.”

Neither Pistotnik returned a call for comment.

“There’s nothing particularly exciting about it other than they’re two brothers,” Millsap says. “It’s a corporate maneuver to dissolve a corporation … when you’ve got two 50-50 shareholders who have differing ideas about how to manage the company.”

So were those differing philosophies what led to the split?

“I’m not going to talk about that, and I don’t think they are either,” Millsap says.

In the suit, Brad Pistotnik says he’s still a half owner of the firm where his brother remains and that he and his brother “are unable to agree upon the desirability of dissolving the Corporation and the disposition of the corporate assets.”

The suit says Brad Pistotnik wants his brother to cease using his name or likeness in advertising. The suit says he believes advertising is being “done with an intent to deceive the public into believing” he still works there.

He also wants exclusive use of the website, which Pistotnik says he owns, and use of the phone number 1-877-SEE-BRAD.

Pistotnik also believes his previous firm is not giving information to potential and existing clients about where he now is and that’s causing him to be “irreparably harmed.”

In a previous interview, Brian Pistotnik said he didn’t have a clue as to why his brother left the firm. Brad Pistotnik responded that that’s not the case.

Millsap says the suit is nothing out of the ordinary.

“There’s a lot of businesses that break up,” he says.

“They’re family members. They’re going to work this out. Not out in public.”