Manhattan-based Midland Exteriors opens Wichita branch

WICHITA — Manhattan-based Midland Exteriors now has a new company in Wichita: Midland Exteriors of Wichita.

The business sells siding, guttering, doors and windows. Its main line is Marvin Infinity windows.

“Marvin didn’t have a presence in Wichita,” says Jason Stuever, Midland’s Wichita branch manager.

He says the company asked Midland owner Jamie Musa to open a branch here.

Stuever had been a vendor for Midland.

“We decided to go ahead and join forces and open this branch in Wichita together,” Stuever says.

The company is at 2333 S. West St., which is near K-42 and West St. It has 3,750 square feet, about 1,500 square feet of which is a showroom.

Stuever says Infinity windows are fiberglass.

“Fiberglass is really stable,” he says.

He says fiberglass can be stained to look like wood but doesn’t rot like wood or warp like vinyl.

“Plus fiberglass is a much stronger material.”

Stuever says he and Musa would like to expand further but not just yet.

“It’s kind of taking one step at a time here.”