QuikTrip planning two more Gen 3 stores

WICHITA — Bel Aire is two blocks shy of getting its first gas station.

QuikTrip has filed a permit for a new store at 35th and Oliver. Bel Aire begins on the northeast corner of 37th and Oliver.

“We’d like to get a QuikTrip or something like that,” says City Manager Ty Lasher. “We’d take anything.”

He says it’s not like there aren’t convenience stores in the area, though.

“They’re all very close.”

Mike Thornbrugh, spokesman for Tulsa-based QuikTrip, says the company has filed permits for the Oliver store and one near K-96 and North Ridge Road.

“We would like to go there, yes,” he says. “There’s still a ways to go where I’d have dates.”

When they do open, the stores will be Generation 3 stores, which is the chain’s latest prototype with kitchens and full-service counters for food and drinks.

QuikTrip is close to finishing other new stores in Wichita. The new QuikTrip at 37th and North Rock Road will open in late July, and the new store at K-15 and 31st Street South will open in late August or early September.

A number of stores are being remodeled with updated kitchens as well.

“Those are going to keep popping up,” Thornbrugh says.

There are 38 QuikTrips in Wichita, and the company has 699 stores total in 11 states.

New stores opened Thursday in Fort Worth and Charlotte, N.C.

“Just keep watchin’,” Thornbrugh says, “we’re building.”