Wichita Guitar Works to close in June

WICHITA — Two years after opening, Wichita Guitar Works is closing.

“Unfortunately, it’s just a numbers game,” says co-owner Curt Mitchell. “The bottom line is the numbers are the numbers.”

Where the numbers were was an issue as well.

“Honestly, 85 percent of our business has been online,” Mitchell says. “It was probably closer to 90 percent.”

He and Chris Glamann and Scott Kern opened the store at 1716 E. Douglas next to the Donut Whole in September 2012, and Kern left shortly after.

“We’ve always had a great reaction to the shop just as far as the overall aesthetics and what we were trying to do,” Mitchell says.

Keeping enough inventory, though, “just proved too daunting of a task, I’m afraid.”

“When you’re doing an online business, you’ve got your shipping costs, and they’re high, and it just all adds up.”

Mitchell says the store won’t continue in an online capacity.

“The thought crossed our mind to be purely … an Internet-based business,” he says. “We really wanted to have the brick-and-mortar shop. … That’s really what we wanted to try to do, and we had a lot of fun doing it.”

On Tuesday, Mitchell and Glamann made the decision to close. Mitchell says they’ll be in the store early Wednesday to start pricing items for a sale.

The store will be open through the end of next month.

“We’re going to go hard at it through June,” Mitchell says.

Then what?

“I may go back to hoboing.”