Derby’s Vanya Designs & Custom Sewing to almost double in size

WICHITA — Six months after moving her Vanya Designs & Custom Sewing to 1,700 square feet at Osage Village Center in Derby, Alicia Ybarra says she’s found herself in an unexpected position.

“It’s either turn work away or expand and hire and help the economy.”

So she says she’s decided to expand with an additional 1,200 square feet next door, which is part of the former Sunflower Quilts space.

“I also hired three people to help keep up with demand.”

Ybarra started her business out of her basement in 2007 and then moved to 1710 E. Madison in 2010. She thought her space at 413 N. Osage, which is just south of Madison and North Rock Road, would be large enough. It was immediately clear that wasn’t the case, though.

“Business has just been crazy,” Ybarra says. “The demand for what I do is even more since I moved.”

There’s such demand, Ybarra says, “I’m sorry, I’m sewing while we’re talking.”

Though her focus is on bridal and formal wear, Ybarra says, “We’ll do pretty much anything.”

She says her custom work is what’s proving so popular.

Ybarra says her tuxedo rental business has grown in the last six months as well.

“That was big.”

Once again, Ybarra thinks she now has enough space, but she says she realizes that could change.

“As long as this business wants to grow, I’m going to let it.”