Two new businesses to open at Clifton Square in College Hill

UPDATED — A couple of new businesses are going to open next month at Clifton Square at 3700 E. Douglas in College Hill.

Nina Winter, who makes women’s accessories through her Nina Winter Design, is opening Tissu Sewing Studio by June 15.

“I really want to kind of bring back traditional arts and crafts,” Winter says. “For example … classes like how to make a prom dress or basic sewing and bringing back quilting.”

She’s not a strictly traditional designer, though.

“I’m trying to do, like, a modern twist on it,” Winter says. “It won’t be traditional quilting, for example.”

She might use recycled denim, she says.

Classes will be for all ages.

Winter used to teach sewing and textile classes at CityArts. She says she has a master’s degree in fashion design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

“I’m hoping to bring everything I’ve learned back to Wichita.”

Around the same time midmonth, Erin Buhrer will be opening Erin Marie Acne Solutions at Clifton Square.

Buhrer has been working for a dental office for the past dozen years, but she says she returned to school in 2011 to become a licensed esthetician. Since then, she says, she’s been further studying the treatment of acne, which is what she’ll specialize in.

“I have struggled with acne since I was 14, so for the last 16 years,” Buhrer says. “I think I’ve tried every over-the-counter acne treatment possible.”

She says nothing ever worked.

“I know how frustrating that is.”

Through studying with the Face Reality Acne Clinic in California and using its products, Buhrer says, she was able to solve her acne issues and can now help others.

She’ll also offer waxing and other skin care treatments.

Buhrer says she was attracted to the older homes that make up Clifton Square’s development.

“I like that it feels more like a home.”

That homelike feel is part of what attracted Caitlin Smith to Clifton Square almost a year ago. Recently, she moved from the top floor to the bottom floor of the building where her Small Talk Pediatric Speech Therapy practice is.

Stairs had been an issue.

“It just wasn’t practical,” Smith says of mothers trying to balance babies and toddlers and all their gear as they climbed the steps.

Also, Smith started taking more referrals of children who are medically fragile, and she says stairs are too much of a challenge for them.

“It was just an answer to prayer,” she says of the first floor coming open. “I couldn’t be happier. I keep pinching myself.”

Smith says the children who come to see her like to say they’re going on play dates with her. She says the houses at Clifton Square are especially welcoming.

“The kids feel like they’re coming to Miss Caitlin’s house,” Smith says. “It’s just worked out beautifully for that.”