Genesis Health Clubs acquires two Ozark Fitness Centers in Springfield, Mo.

WICHITA — Rodney Steven II is at it again.

He’s added two more health clubs to his 28-year-old Genesis Health Clubs chain, this time in Springfield, Mo.

Steven has purchased his friend Dan Martin’s two Ozark Fitness Centers in Springfield.

“The clubs are so similar to ours,” Steven says. “It’s just a very similar marriage for us.”

This brings his total to 15 clubs in Kansas and Missouri, including five in Wichita.

“Dan’s been a good friend for a lot of years,” Steven says.

“He’s kind of an industry veteran. Warrior, actually,” Steven says. “He started out in just a little garage.”

Though Steven says Ozark Fitness offers a high quality of services, he says he wants to take things to the next level.

“We do have a lot of upgrading and remodeling to do,” Steven says. “Especially … in locker rooms. Our locker rooms are kind of our signature piece.”

He also plans to add a pool to the south fitness center and will add new cycle bikes to both clubs immediately.

In November, Genesis acquired St. Joseph Tennis and Swim Club in St. Joseph, Mo.

All his new acquisitions are keeping Steven busy.

“It’s been a lot of traveling,” he says. “Construction is pretty demanding.”

Steven says it’s important to him to create a Genesis atmosphere in each new club.

“We’re just working on … our brand.”

That includes adding more sites, and most likely pretty soon.

“We’re going to stay in the Midwest,” Steven says, adding, “Right now anyways.”