Red Door Three opens as Nimlok dealer

WICHITA — Stacy Edmundson is back to selling Nimlok products for trade show exhibits, this time with her own new company, Red Door Three.

Edmundson used to be with another company selling Nimlok products before venturing into an unrelated business.

“I went a different direction and truly missed the industry,” she says. “It’s just very creative.”

She’s now an authorized Nimlok dealer. Nimlok is a global company that makes a variety of display products.

“Everything is pretty much a one-of-a-kind,” Edmundson says.

The bulk of her work will be with trade shows, she says, but she’ll also do some interior design. That could be such things as custom cabinets to show products in retail outlets.

“So many people know the Nimlok brand because I’ve already sold it,” Edmundson says. “It’s not just like a cookie-cutter kind of company.”

She says she likes the business because “you just get to learn a lot about (businesses) and how they market their product.”

Edmundson says there’s meaning behind the name of her business.

“Basically, ‘Red’ means it needs attention drawn to it,” she says.

“Door” means options, she says, and “Three” is for her three children.

“I had to incorporate them somehow.”

For now, Edmundson is working out of her Andover home, but she says she hopes to soon have a showroom to display products.

“I have set goals each year,” she says. “I will hopefully very soon have a location.”