Oxford Senior Living creates ‘Happy’ video

ox1WICHITA — Hundreds of fans of “Happy,” the ubiquitous Pharrell Williams hit, have created their own videos in celebration of the song.

None, though, is quite like the one that Oxford Senior Living released last week.

“We had a blast making it,” says Coryanne Graham, Oxford’s marketing and brand manager.

Part of the company’s mission statement is that Oxford’s “environment inspires happy residents who feel at home sharing hopes and dreams, recipes and fishin’ stories.”

Graham thought a video would be a great way to share that happiness.

“I saw a bunch of those ‘Happy’ videos,” she says. “There’s more than 800 of them. … I thought, man, that would be so much fun to do with our staff and residents.”

The video shows a couple of Oxford properties here and one in Texas. Staff and residents star as they appear happy doing things such as working, goofing off and showing their Shocker pride.

ox2“It’s already doing what we wanted it to do,” Graham says.

Oxford released the video on YouTube Friday, and it’s already had more than a couple thousand views. Graham says she thinks it’s popular because it’s different than a lot of the other “Happy” videos that feature younger people.

“It’s a good way to share with people who we are and what we do,” Graham says.

“We love where we work. We love where we live,” she says. “You don’t have to be a young person to be happy. You can be 80 years old and using a walker and be happy.”