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Optometrist Wade Dulin to retire; Wichita Optometry to take over his practice

WICHITA — An optometrist with a longtime Wichita practice is retiring, which is allowing another practice to expand.

“I am simply near retirement age and wanting more time for my children, grandchildren and travel,” says Wade Dulin, who has had Dr. Dulin’s Family Eye Care since 1975.

Wichita Optometry, a 94-year-old practice at Douglas and Edwards, is taking over Dulin’s practice just north of 21st and Amidon for a second site to serve patients farther north.

“There’s really no such thing as staying status quo,” says Jeff Yarrow, who is at Wichita Optometry with optometrists Ronald Fisher, Chad Fleming and Ashley Blasi.

“It’s a struggle if you don’t grow,” Yarrow says.

Both practices are in about 4,000 square feet, he says.

“Dr. Dulin’s just done great with his patients over the years … kind of treating them like family,” Yarrow says. “We want to carry on that tradition.”

The change will happen July 1.

Dulin says it’s a good opportunity for both groups.

“I believe they will treat my patients in the same caring manner that I have tried to do over the years,” Dulin says. “The timing just feels right.”

You don’t say

“Just a sign my wife can’t keep her hands off me.”

Small Business Awards Luncheon keynote speaker Jon Rolph, who is president of Sasnak Management and the father of four children age 5 and under

“I was curious if there were any auctioneers in the house because I might want to put my business up for sale.”

– Tier 1 award winner Brandon Wilson of Icon Structures, joking about Rolph’s inspiring speech to seize the day, do what you love and make time for family

District Taqueria, an ‘urban taco bar,’ to open near Douglas and Washington

WICHITA — Builder’s Inc. broker Adam Clements was reading Have You Heard? in January when he saw the news that Jon’s Ale House near Douglas and Washington was closing.

“I got a lightbulb as soon as I read that,” he says.

His clients Michael Farha and Marc Humsi have “been looking for a good Douglas location for a long time.”

The two now plan to open District Taqueria in the 3,000-square-foot space, which some people remember best as Kelly’s Irish Pub.

Clements describes District Taqueria as “an urban taco bar.”

“The focus is going to be on the taco,” Farha says. “In Mexico, that’s the true food of choice, and we’re just kind of taking it to the next level.”

Farha works for his family’s Farha’s Carpet & Building Supply. He used to have the Food Group to do catering.

“I wanted to open a restaurant, so I just kind of let that fizzle out,” Farha says.

Humsi is from Syracuse.

“His mother is a Farha,” Farha says. “Technically, he’s a very distant cousin.”

The two met when Humsi moved here and some other cousins introduced them.

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