Davis-Moore’s Lincoln dealership to move to Kellogg and Greenwich

WICHITA — On the heels of Davis-Moore Auto Group announcing the sale of its Nissan dealership, Dawson Grimsley has more news.

dawsonDavis-Moore Lincoln has a new home,” he says.

The dealership is moving to the former Lexus of Wichita space near the northeast corner of Kellogg and Greenwich. Scholfield Auto Plaza’s Lexus dealership moved further north on Greenwich near 13th Street.

“Hopefully, it’ll happen June 1,” Grimsley says of Lincoln’s move.

He says he won’t change much at the 2-acre lot.

“We’ll reface it and put Lincoln signature signs and stuff up.”

Davis-Moore also is building a new dealership for sales of Chrysler, Fiat and used cars on Kellogg across from Towne East Square. It will be ready in October.

Previously, the dealership announced it’s doing “a series of moves designed to prioritize business interests and increase efficiencies.”

Grimsley says there are several reasons the Lincoln move is included in those changes.

“First of all, the building that we’re in now, it’s not in the right spot,” he says of the current dealership on Kellogg between Edgemoor and Woodlawn. “It’s insufficient.”

Also, its lease is up this year.

Grimsley says the dealership also will now be next to Scholfield’s  Wichita Luxury Collection.

“It just seemed to be a good fit,” he says. “Can we call that luxury row?”

The Lincoln move is a temporary one, though. Grimsley says Lincoln will be at Kellogg and Greenwich for three years and then will move to a permanent home on the Greenwich corridor.

“There’s not time to do it now,” he says of building a new home.

“That’s why we’re leasing,” he says. “There will be plenty of time to scope it out, find the right spot and build a new … Lincoln store.”

Davis-Moore purchased the Lincoln dealership from Vic Scholfield and Steve Hatchett in 1988.

Grimsley says the Lincoln dealership does well.

“It’s a luxury brand, so we don’t sell as many Lincolns,” he says, comparing it to his other dealerships. “It’s 40 to 50 vehicles a month.”

Grimsley calls Lincolns “great cars.”

“I’ve even owned a few myself, ’lil buddy.”