Wink Hartman Sr. hopes to open Jimmy’s Egg near Tanya’s Soup Kitchen

WICHITA — Businessman and Jimmy’s Egg franchisee Wink Hartman Sr. is looking to open one of the restaurants in the same building as Tanya’s Soup Kitchen in the Sunburst Plaza at 1725 at 1725 E. Douglas.

“We are looking at a location there, and hopefully we’ll be moving forward to have a Jimmy’s Egg there in the near future,” he says. “We’re trying to slowly move towards the downtown.”

Hartman says he thinks there’s room for another breakfast and lunch place in the area, where the Donut Whole is also across the street.

“It’s an underserved market for the type of menu we present,” Hartman says. “We serve ample quality food for the price.”

Hartman isn’t ready to commit to downtown yet, but he’s interested – and not necessarily for a restaurant.

“I’ve always had an interest in downtown,” he says. “I grew up here, and downtown is an unfortunate situation with all the empty storefronts. There’s a lot of empty storefronts going up and down Douglas. Has been for 40 years.”

Hartman says he’d one day like to have a combination grocery store and deli with a dry cleaners and shoe shine.

“You have to have a population base,” he says. “It’s sad, but it’s just, in my opinion, financial truth.”

Hartman says he hasn’t done the homework to see how much population the area needs.

The “grocery store is a tough business. The margins are very, very small.”

Downtown “just hasn’t developed” enough yet.

“You know, progress is being made, but very, very slowly.”

Hartman says ideally he’ll contribute to that progress with a store one day.

“I’d love to.”