to move within Delano

WICHITA — It was February when Chris Ridder told Have You Heard? that he was opening in Delano. He didn’t expect to have more news this soon, but then, he says he didn’t expect his landlord to sell his building either.

“Four days after I moved in, everybody and their brother told me, ‘You know, that building is selling.’”

Ridder was not pleased at first, but now he’s OK with the move because it’s allowing him to double his space.

“Had I not moved here at the beginning, I guess this wouldn’t have happened, so I guess there’s a silver lining,” Ridder says.

He’s moving from 2,500 square feet at 1712 W. Douglas to 5,000 square feet at 1011 W. Second St., which is a block east of Seneca. sells banners, posters, aluminum signs, vehicle displays and real estate signs, among others.

The new store, which should be ready Thursday, will be near Ty’s Diner. Ridder has a habit of locating his young business near burger places.

“I’m across from Wimpys Burgers right now.”

Look for news later today on what’s moving into Ridder’s first Delano space.