Get Air Wichita to open next week

WICHITA — Some new businesses open with the hope that customers will come, but the new Get Air Wichita is opening next week with what looks to be a built-in customer base.

“We probably get 50 calls a day,” co-owner Mike Goetz says of people who are interested in the business.

Get Air Wichita, which is part of a growing chain of a dozen Get Air parks nationally, is a giant indoor trampoline park that’s taking part of the former Big Dog Motorcycle space downtown on New York Street between Douglas and First.

Almost half of the 22,000-square-foot park will be a trampoline, which will have different areas for various activities, including dodge ball, a basketball dunk and foam pits, which have video playback so people can watch their flips. There’s also a bungee jump that helps users who can’t do flips on their own.

There will be a toddler area as well.

This week, the trampolines will be installed along with some graffiti art – the intentional kind.

Other Get Air sites in the chain are popular for children and birthday parties, but Goetz says the business has something for all ages. For instance, there are teen nights on the weekends, and the company has hired a fitness director and is working on a schedule for fitness classes. Get Air Wichita also can be rented for corporate events.

Goetz says fundraisers are another big part of the business in every community Get Air is in.

“We want to make it a win-win for both.”

He says that while some of the calls coming in are to schedule parties, others are for people who are hoping to help their children get hired at Get Air.

“This is kind of a dream job for teenagers.”

He says employees wear athletic clothes and referee shirts.

There will be a soft opening on April 30, assuming inspections are finalized. The grand opening is set for May 3, which Goetz – who is from Kentucky – knows as Derby Day.

So he’s going to miss this year’s Derby since it’s in the middle of Get Air’s opening?

“Oh, no,” Goetz says. “I’ll sneak it in.”