Nahola Fitness Center and pickleball court to open on West Central

WICHITA — The owners of Adventure Planet Child Care Center along with another partner are targeting adults for their next adventure.

Nahola Fitness Center is opening at 5228 W. Central, which is behind Adventure Planet and just east of Interstate 235.

“We’re trying to get a place that older people (can) hang out and socialize,” says Kayla Keuter.

She says the idea is to exercise and have fun. A big way she and her partners think members can have fun is through pickleball, which Keuter says is “the new, upcoming sport, especially for older adults.”

Nahola will have a pickleball court. Keuter explains the sport as tennis on a badminton court. It’s played with a plastic ball and wooden paddles

“One of my partners and I have always wanted to do this,” Keuter says.

She calls it an exciting, competitive game.

The 6,000-square-foot fitness center will have an exercise area, personal trainers, a separate room for yoga and training and, eventually, a massage room.

The lobby will have social events, such as board games.

Keuter says the center is targeting adults 30 and older. She says Nahola is designed to be an alternative to other fitness centers.

“There’s a lot of older adults who don’t want to bulk up,” Keuter says. “They don’t like … where they have to dodge kids.”

The Nahola name is a combination of the partners’ names.

“We wanted it to sound kind of homey,” Keuter says.

The center will have a grand opening on Friday and Saturday.

Next, Keuter says she and her partners want to do independent living duplexes behind the fitness center.

“It’s in our plans in the near future,” she says of Nahola Senior Living.

The duplexes should be under construction within the next year.

Like the fitness center, Keuter says, “We want it to be social.”