Lululemon Athletica trunk show could eventually lead to showroom and storefront

WICHITA — A trunk show today, a storefront tomorrow?

It won’t happen that quickly, but the fact that Lululemon Athletica is having another trunk show here today gives hope that Wichita one day will have one of the stores here.

“If the trunk shows do well, they think about putting in a showroom in Wichita,” says Nickki Head, whose east-side Firefly Yoga Studio is hosting the show.

“That’s how it works,” she says.

After a few trunk shows, Head says, “Then the next step is a showroom.”

That’s a small retail space that’s open Thursday through Saturday only.

If that’s successful after a year or two, then there’s a chance for a permanent storefront.

“There’s, like, this huge process,” Head says.

The chain’s first trunk show here was about six months ago.

“The last one blew them out of the water,” Head says.

She says it was about twice as successful as the company thought it might be.

“It was hundreds of people last time. It was crazy.”

The Leawood Lululemon brings the merchandise for the show.

“They basically take everything in the Leawood store, and they bring it here,” Head says. “The perk is that they bring it to you.”

Head says she’s canceled classes so she can use her studio because the store is planning to have twice as much merchandise this time.

The sale is from noon to 5 p.m. The east-side Firefly is in the Shops at Tallgrass, which is near the northeast corner of 21st and Rock.

“They were so excited to come back,” Head says. “It’s definitely going to be huge.”