Wichita’s Whole Foods Market may not have to be called Bread & Circus

breadncircusWICHITA — According to a poll so informal it probably shouldn’t be called a poll, it looks like the Bread & Circus name that Wichita’s new Whole Foods Market will go by here isn’t exactly being embraced.

Or, to be blunt, no one seems to like it – or actually call the store by that name.

There’s a glimmer of hope, though, for those who prefer the Whole Foods name.

The reason the Austin-based chain chose Bread & Circus, which was the name of some stores the company bought in 1992, is Wichita’s local Whole Foods Association already had the name here.

GreenAcres Market owner Barb Hoffmann purchased the Whole Foods Association stores in January, and it appears she’s now considering letting the larger Whole Foods chain have the name.

“I’m not able to say anything right now,” Hoffmann says.

She says she’ll likely be able to talk in a couple of weeks.

Nor is anyone with the Austin-based Whole Foods saying anything yet.

“Unfortunately, at this point I can’t comment on anything,” says Ben Friedland, executive marketing coordinator of the Rocky Mountain region for Whole Foods.

Some alert people who have passed construction for the store at the new phase of the Waterfront at 13th and Webb Road have noticed something strange going on with the signs there.

There had been signs saying that Bread & Circus is coming.

Then, the name on the signs was changed to Whole Foods.

Now, it’s back to Bread & Circus.

Friedland won’t discuss what’s behind the changes.

Look for more news soon.