Quincy’s Bar & Grill owner to open second restaurant and bar in Moundridge

WICHITA — Kyle Estep wasn’t looking to open a bar and restaurant in his wife Nancy’s hometown of Moundridge, but that’s what he’s now doing.

“We’re just opening Quincy’s No. 2 out there,” says Estep, whose first Quincy’s Bar & Grill is near 21st and West streets.

Estep is opening in the 6,000-square-foot brick building that formerly was home to Block 32 Eatery & Pub in Moundridge.

He says the building was built in 2007 as something of a gift to the community.

“A couple of individuals felt that it was time to get a full-service restaurant in town,” Estep says.

“They spared no expense on stuff. It’s a beautiful facility.”

There’s a main level, a second floor meeting space that can hold 60 and “a bunkerlike basement.”

“They just shut it down about a year ago,” Estep says. “It’s been kind of mothballed is the best way to describe it.”

Moundridge, which is about halfway between Wichita and Salina, has almost 2,000 people.

“They’re trying to grow the town,” Estep says.

He says a project at the refinery in McPherson is bringing in workers to the area, which is great for potential diners. However, he says that creates a problem, too.

“The hard part’s been finding help,” Estep says. “There’s nobody looking for a job.”

When he does find the workers he needs and finishes preparations, Estep thinks he’ll be ready to open around early May.

He has some more news coming after that about another potential Quincy’s and promises to keep us posted.

“If this doesn’t kill me, then we’ll look for a third one.”