Baseline Creative moves to Dockum Building

Dockum Drug Store (building #5), 3200 E. Douglas.WICHITA — Freshly baked bread.

Margaritas by the pool.

With perks like that, who needs a regular office?

Turns out Baseline Creative does.

“We’ve finally grown to a point that the home office was no longer large enough,” owner Nathan Williams says of his full-service design firm.

So he has moved it to the Dockum Building at Douglas and Hillside.

Williams started the business about a decade ago. He used to work for another company but then began designing fonts for movies and apparel companies on the side. He says that’s what allowed him to then start his own business, which he’s always run out of his east-side home.

“It was fine for about five or six people,” Williams says.

Eight tipped the scales for a traditional office, but Williams says now there are 10 employees, so a move is probably overdue.

“We grew all of a sudden,” he says of the past few years.

The firm designs apps and does interactive design and Internet and print work.

Williams says he likes the Dockum Building for its visibility, parking and overall aesthetic.

“It’s got it all,” Williams says. “The building has so much history. We love everything about it.”

He says the 1,200 square feet he’s taking still allows for a lot of collaboration, which some employees said was important to them.

“It lets us complete tasks really quickly.”

The company is still transitioning into the new space. For instance, there’s no sign up yet. Williams has been working hard to remove the Shine Salon signs from the space’s windows.

The salon moved down Douglas to Sunburst Plaza last year.

“I spent about 10 hours scraping vinyl,” Williams says. “I had bloody knuckles and everything.”

That’s when he decided to call the company that installed the vinyl for help.

Someone asked Williams why he couldn’t simply leave the former sign.

“I just sort of shook my head in shame because really, they didn’t understand the value of brands – the Baseline brand.”

Williams says a change of venue won’t necessarily mean more business in the future.

“We were doing a lot of business while we were swimming or eating bread.”

It is helping him with his fiancee, though.

“She is so excited that we moved out of the house,” Williams says.

It wasn’t a condition of marriage, he says, “but it sure as heck facilitated the proposal.”