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You don’t say

“I feel like I’m in a congressional hearing.”

– City Manager Bob Layton, responding to intense questioning about the city’s water future from Council member Jeff Blubaugh

Quincy’s Bar & Grill owner to open second restaurant and bar in Moundridge

WICHITA — Kyle Estep wasn’t looking to open a bar and restaurant in his wife Nancy’s hometown of Moundridge, but that’s what he’s now doing.

“We’re just opening Quincy’s No. 2 out there,” says Estep, whose first Quincy’s Bar & Grill is near 21st and West streets.

Estep is opening in the 6,000-square-foot brick building that formerly was home to Block 32 Eatery & Pub in Moundridge.

He says the building was built in 2007 as something of a gift to the community.

“A couple of individuals felt that it was time to get a full-service restaurant in town,” Estep says.

“They spared no expense on stuff. It’s a beautiful facility.”

There’s a main level, a second floor meeting space that can hold 60 and “a bunkerlike basement.”

“They just shut it down about a year ago,” Estep says. “It’s been kind of mothballed is the best way to describe it.”

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Baseline Creative moves to Dockum Building

Dockum Drug Store (building #5), 3200 E. Douglas.WICHITA — Freshly baked bread.

Margaritas by the pool.

With perks like that, who needs a regular office?

Turns out Baseline Creative does.

“We’ve finally grown to a point that the home office was no longer large enough,” owner Nathan Williams says of his full-service design firm.

So he has moved it to the Dockum Building at Douglas and Hillside.

Williams started the business about a decade ago. He used to work for another company but then began designing fonts for movies and apparel companies on the side. He says that’s what allowed him to then start his own business, which he’s always run out of his east-side home.

“It was fine for about five or six people,” Williams says.

Eight tipped the scales for a traditional office, but Williams says now there are 10 employees, so a move is probably overdue.

“We grew all of a sudden,” he says of the past few years.

The firm designs apps and does interactive design and Internet and print work.

Williams says he likes the Dockum Building for its visibility, parking and overall aesthetic.

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Missing Link traveling store featuring jewelry, chain mail to debut

link1WICHITA — Jewelry designer Melissa Shockley is joining the truck trend.

Shockley has been selling jewelry and chain mail since 1998. Last summer, she saw Holly Daley’s Ginger Lily Boutique  – a fashion truck – at an event.

“Ginger Lily is what inspired me,” she says of getting a 27-foot RV to haul and show her creations.

“It would be nice to just pull up and park.”

Shockley calls her business the Missing Link because she uses jump rings, which are small metal circles, to create metal jewelry and shirts. Some of what she makes is similar to what might be found at a Renaissance festival.

She did a trial run of the new vehicle, but that was before it was done. It’s now completely outfitted and will make its debut April 26 at a car show at Mel Hambelton Ford.

link2Shockley, who has a day job making glasses, says she’d love to have a storefront one day.

For now, she says, she’s looking forward to pulling up, opening a door and having an instant shop – with no unpacking.