Raven’s Room to open at Pour Haus space

UPDATED — A new restaurant and bar is opening in the former Pour Haus Restaurant and Tavern space at the southeast corner of Maple and Seneca in early May.

Jeravicious Raven is opening Raven’s Room as “a restaurant and rock bar.”

Raven says he’ll have live music Thursdays through Saturdays and occasionally other days as well.

The business will be open every day but Sunday for lunch and dinner, which will mostly be burgers, sandwiches and steaks.

He previously owned Lexi’s Restaurant and Bar at 3008 W. Central.

“It didn’t go very well,” Raven says.

“I really didn’t have enough money to do it,” he says. “There were so many things I didn’t know.”

Raven says he’d worked in the nightclub business before but never owned a business by himself.

“There were all these little hidden things there I didn’t know about.”

Raven says he made enough money to remain open but not to catch up on bills. Having the right amount of capital is the most important thing, he says.

“That was the big lesson I learned.”

Also, he says he didn’t get to see his children as often as he would have liked.

Now, he says, “We do it as a family.”

Raven says, “No matter how busy we are, we have to involve our families.”