Siena Tuscan Steakhouse loses chef

UPDATED — Another person in what’s been a string of Ambassador Hotel employees coming and going – from the general manager on down – is gone.

This time, it’s executive chef Marshall Roth, who moved to Wichita to open the downtown hotel’s Siena Tuscan Steakhouse.

“We kind of just parted ways,” Roth says. “I need to do what’s right for myself, and they need to do what’s right for the hotel.”

Hotel owner Paul Coury says he’s a huge Roth fan.

“He’s a great guy,” Coury says.

Roth says he came to Wichita to be his mother’s caretaker. He says he recently was looking to hire more nurses for his mother. Now, he says, he won’t have to.

“I’m going to be taking care of my mom.”

Coury says Roth’s schedule of caring for his mother sometimes conflicted with his schedule at the restaurant.

Roth says he’s open to other work.

“I’m open for new options.”

Roth says he’s leaving behind two capable sous chefs.

“They’re very capable, and they’re very talented.”

Roth says Coury “took care of” him on his way out.

“It’s all good,” Roth says. “Doors close, doors open. So I’ll take it as (I) get it.”

Previously, Coury has been frank that the hotel has struggled with sales.

“We’re back on track from where we were originally,” he says. “We’re on track to meet our projections, and the restaurant has exceeded those.”

Coury says he’s growing a little weary of having his hotel make the news so frequently.

“I’m not used to running my business and having to explain why someone comes or goes at my property,” he says.

“I believe that my employees are my No. 1 resource. I like to think I’m a good company, a good person to work for. … We are still a family business.”