Haysville has its defenders just like Gridiron

WICHITA — Have You Heard? shared some of the Facebook comments poking fun at Haysville residents who don’t want to be poked fun of anymore at Gridiron, so it’s only fair to share some comments in support of Haysville, too.

Wichita resident Vaughn Fox said via e-mail that he plans to boycott Gridiron if Haysville jokes continue, and he says he’ll support Haysville monetarily in its effort to fight being ridiculed.

Derby resident Bob Cropp says he can’t help but notice the similarities between the Haysville situation and all the PR people’s complaints about PR News making fun of the Shockers.

“I think a common thread to all that is bullying,” Cropp says.

When there’s teasing of any sort, he says, it says a lot in how a person or group responds when someone says a comment hurts.

“A defensive posture means you weren’t kidding,” he says. “That’s bullying. That’s what this is all about.”

Cropp says he thinks PR News representatives and Gridiron producers were all defensive in their comments on the teasing they’ve done.

“This is pervasive in our society,” Cropp says. “Insulting remarks that are not taken as a joke, especially in a public setting that go on and on, are upsetting.”

He says it’s the same with late-night comedians who often cross a line in an attempt at humor.

“It’s hard to define that line,” Cropp says. “Our culture has many times crossed that respect line.”

Wichita resident Don Landis asked on Facebook, “When does ‘teasing’ become bullying? The teaser won’t stop when requested and continues to use the unchecked power of the newspaper of record to continue the ‘teasing’. No wonder there is such an epidemic of bullying in schools when the mindset of adults is so warped. This is not funny, it is sick.”