New Towne West CUP almost finalized; Towne East won’t pursue one ‘at this time’

WICHITA — It looks like Simon Property Group’s application for an amendment to the community unit plan for Towne West Square is all but finalized, and nothing is happening with the one for Towne East Square.

Simon’s applications were to hold outdoor events at both malls – that could be events such as special sales or carnivals – but neighbors near Towne East fought it.

Greenhouse sales are now scheduled at both malls for April and May, and a carnival is scheduled to start at Towne West on May 8.

Previous mall management said the amendment was approved at Towne West, but that’s not the case.

“From what we understand, we just needed to submit updated drawings, and we were good to go at Towne West,” says Mis Gaston, the mall’s new general manger. “They haven’t told us anything otherwise. So hopefully that gets us over the hump.”

Since the applications were filed, management has changed at both malls.

New Towne East manager Jeff Runnels says under the mall’s existing CUP, it can have outdoor sales two days a month, and that’s how it will be able to have greenhouse sales.

“We’d be covered for … the greenhouse events we have scheduled,” he says.

Runnels says the mall isn’t pursuing an amendment to its CUP anymore.

“Not at this time.”

Runnels says he can’t say why Simon isn’t still pursuing the amendment.

“I don’t know,” he says. “That decision was made before I got here.”