Central Standard Brewing to open at Douglas and Hydraulic

UPDATED — Andy Boyd and Ian Crane have been home-brewing beer together for a decade, and now they want to share what they create with all of Wichita.

“It’s kind of a passion of ours,” Boyd says. He says the idea is to “make a little money at it and share (the beer) with the community.”

Central Standard Brewing will open in 4,000 square feet in a building they purchased across from Hyde Park not far from the southwest corner of Douglas and Hydraulic.

“We have to . . . basically get a conditional zoning permit, because it’s next to a public park,” Boyd says. “That’s what we’re working on right now.”

The business will have a limited food menu and five or six types of beer to start. Boyd and Crane plan to have 10 or more kinds of beer eventually.

Boyd says he wants to stress that Central Standard Brewing is not going to be a bar or nightclub.

“It’ll be family friendly,” he says.”It’s about appreciation of beer, not about drinking to excess and all that.”

Boyd is a commercial broker with Walter Morris Cos. Crane deals in oil and gas leasing.

“We’re just going to be open a few days a week to start with,” Boyd says.

He says the business won’t have late hours like a bar would.

Boyd says the zoning issue is setting back the opening of the business.

“The soonest that we could open now is probably fall.”

He says it should be fun once it opens.

“Really, it’s going to be just a small … quaint little brewery on the park.”