Janelle King on the hunt for new Workroom and JK Design space

UPDATED — As the Workroom nears its first anniversary, designer Janelle King is unexpectedly searching for new space.

The Domestic Laundry building, which is at 1425 E. Douglas just east of Old Town, has a new owner who wants her space.

King says that’s not a bad thing on several levels.

“Now we know exactly what to look for in round two,” she says.

For instance, her current 2,400 square feet is not large enough. King says she needs between 2,500 and 3,500 square feet for what she calls home tech textile fabrication, such as custom drapes, pillows and bedding.

Also, she says, “Honestly, despite being on Douglas, we still don’t have the greatest visibility.”

King says she’d like to remain downtown and is eyeing several sites.

“I love the central location as well as just the culture and vibe down here.”

Preferably, King says she’d like an overhead door as well for loading.

King’s JK Design also is at the Workroom. She says the Workroom’s largest market has been with the design industry, but she’s been making a bigger overall push for retail business.

“We just turned our focus on to that in January.”

Last week, Joe Hayes closed on his purchase of the Domestic Laundry building, and it looks like he wants King’s space and the former ACI Design Studio space as a possible showroom for his Open Road Brands. Hayes hasn’t returned calls to discuss it.

King says she’ll be in her current space for a few more months before having to move. She says she’s working with a real estate broker and is starting to narrow her potential choices.