Rolling Green Fattys Tours takes customers on literal and figurative Colorado trips

WICHITA — The middle man in a drug deal typically is someone who takes one person’s product and sells it to someone else who wants to use it.

In the case of RGF Tours – or Rolling Green Fattys Tours – Ken Jeter has started a business to transport customers where they can legally buy marijuana.

“We’re kind of like the middle person,” Jeter says. “Basically, right now we’ve decided to set it up to run people back and forth to Colorado.”

He seems to tend to avoid the m-word.

Instead, Jeter says things such as, “They’ve got the newly legal recreational stuff there in Colorado.”

Jeter, who works for himself in construction, says he got the idea for the tours from his friends.

“I’ve got a lot of friends that dabble in the smoking.”

As he was planning his business, Jeter says he then heard about a similar one in Salina.

Jeter charges couples $400 for a round-trip tour to Colorado. It costs individuals $210.

“They can go down there, and they can check it out. If they want to smoke … that’s on them.”

Jeter says he won’t authorize anyone to bring the product back to Kansas.

He says he’s open to taking larger groups elsewhere as well.

“We can go anywhere.”

For now, Jeter is leasing a bus.

“If everything goes as well as it’s going, we’ll buy our own bus.”

Along with the leased bus comes a driver.

Jeter says it’s been years since he’s “dabbled.”

“I’m not somebody that smokes or does anything myself.”

Jeter has, though, made the literal – not figurative – trip to check out the tour.

“I actually kind of enjoyed going down there and seeing things.”