Mr. Diggs Dwelling & Co. to be open every weekend starting in April

WICHITA — Customers dig Mr. Diggs Dwelling & Co. so much, Annette Shankle is expanding her store’s hours.

“You know, we never envisioned being to this point, but due to the wonderful support of Wichita, it’s grown to be able to do this,” she says.

Mr. Diggs opened two years ago at the northeast corner of First and St. Francis to sell furniture, home decor, art and lamps in 5,500 square feet of what Shankle calls “warehouse-esque” space. Some of the items are new, and some are used.

Initially, store hours were only one long weekend a month. Shankle then expanded hours from Tuesday through Saturday one week a month.

Starting April 3, Mr. Diggs will be open Thursday through Saturday every week.

“It gives them more flexibility,” Shankle says of customers.

She says a lot of customers remarked that they had friends or family members visiting who they wanted to introduce to the store, but it never seemed to be the right weekend.

“That made us feel bad,” Shankle says.

Others would stop by the store while she was preparing for the next sales day, she says, and she’d have to turn them away.

“It’s just so heartbreaking to say, ‘I’m sorry, we can’t let you in because we’re not open.’”

Shankle says it takes time to find the unique items she sells, so she doesn’t plan to extend the days the store is open any further – at least for now.

She says she’s happy to be able to add the extra weekends, though.

“Our existing customers are so wonderful for us, we would try to bend over backwards … for them.”